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No pain, no gain. Yeah right.

Painkiller Jane 1.11 "Ghost in the Machine"

Action-packed, intriguing and hot. The combination of those words describe what this episode was all about, not to mention it was mainly Connor-centric with the hotness of the tensions between him and Jane. Gotta love it.

In the episode, Connor is experiencing an unfortunate case of bad luck. Or so we think, until Jane starts getting a hunch that someone or something is behind his weird almost-accidents lately. Taking this issue to Andre she convinces him to trust his gut instead of her words about Connor, and he has Riley do thorough investigation about Connor's past and if there's anyone out there wanting to hurt him through mechanical machinery. It turns out there is something, that Connor's old police team has been winding up dead. Interestingly enough, all were incidental accidents where they were killed from the waist down. Immediately, Connor knows who might be doing this. Soon enough, him and the team are held prisoner at their headquarters as their technology works against them, and where they come face-to-face with the man from Connor's past who's doing this to them. He wants to get revenge due to a past incident that caused him to be in a wheelchair, so the irony of him killing his former team members isn't quite lost in that. After he disappears somehwere in the building, the team try to find a way to escape, whereas Connor and Jane form a plan to take the bastard out. Using a cleverly disguised act to let this man's guard down, Connor kills him instead of chipping him like other neuros.

Also present is the further exploration with Jane and her relationship with Connor, and you can read that as a platonic partnership or a possible growing infatuation on either side. This show really likes to toy around with the not-so-ambiguous flirting, don't they? Especially with Jane's flirtatious ways. How many boyfriends have we seen her with? Or are they just the boytoys of the week? I guess with an occupation where everything is top secret, along with having a secret just as big yourself, keeping a normal relationship is...a little difficult.

Still, the playful flirting between Jane and Connor is never not entertaining. Connor can be brash with his comments, though with Jane? Yeah, she can totally play at that game well. Their cheeky banter is fun to watch. Oh, and how about that kiss, eh? HOT. Of course it was for show as part of their plan to get the neuro, but it's undeniable that the steaminess was certainly worth it, even if it was for a few seconds. I don't know if anything else is going to happen between them, or if they realize that they can tolerate each other now with their partnership, but I do like their interactions with one another. Especially in the end when Jane was helping Connor with his motorcycle. Which, hello, is one nice motorcycle. Again with the playful seductiveness with Jane tracing her fingers across it during her ending voiceover. Even if they don't get together anytime soon, it's safe to say they've found the common ground with each other. Just as Jane had mentioned in "Trial by Fire", they have similarities even if they try to deny it.

Hee, I liked the friendship between Jane and Riley. They are so cute. Plus, Jane was kickass during that fight scene.

Yet another episode I liked. Though I would like a Riley-centric episode or Andre-centric, even Maureen. Something to further explore their character backgrounds. Of course seeing what might happen with Jane and if there's some strange conspiracy out there like we've been led to believe.

I've been rewatching many of my fandoms while they're on hiatus right now, and believe me there's nothing more anticipating than waiting for something new from that show to appear. Like with Battlestar Galactica the TV-movie "Razor" is coming in November, but the actual fourth season doesn't start until 2008. Heroes and Dexter's second seasons won't start until September and...well, you get the point. Such a LONG WAY until they come along, which leads to only reruns of my favorite episodes while preoccupying myself with collective theories and so forth. Which I'm contemplating on writing up my speculations for both Heroes and BSG, because sharing theories are fun.

Also Rihanna's "Good Girl Gone Bad" album? So freaking good, like whoa.
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