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Pleasantville, this ain't.

Painkiller Jane 1.12 "Something Nasty In The Neighborhood"

I can I just say, um, whoa!? They frakking killed off Maureen. I understand the aacrifice, and considering she's been in almost every episode but had nothing else to contribute other than being Jane's sidekick and partner in crime, though I felt her death was kind of bland. In the way it was done, I should say.

This episode focused on a neuro that could mindwarp and control an entire community and transform them into brainless sheep following the nice, friendly and welcoming attitudes where there are no crimes or wrongdoings. Unfortunately the more they are mindwarped the deeper the unrealistic outlook of the "perfect life" had for them. Andre sees fit that they need to get the inside scoop before chipping the neuro, and assigns Jane and Connor to pose as a married couple. However, this backfires because they become mindwarped and act less than themselves, and become defensive over the small town community. But Jane finds a loophole and becomes herself again, and tries to finish the mission without Connor, seeing that he's far from wanting anything to do with stopping what's happening in that town. This also backfires, but Riley figures out what has been controlling the people and sends Andre and Maureen after figuring out who the neuro is. Or so they think.

It turns out that Connor, under the influence of the neuro's mindwarping power, switched the DNA samples and Andre sent Maureen after the wrong person. She attempts to chip the supposed neuro, but it doesn't work. Jane tries to get to her....but it's too late.

Maureen is shot down, causing Jane's automatic grief. But was enough motivation to ruthlessly shoot the neuro down, saving Andre and everyone else from the mindwarping control.

The surprising thing was that Maureen's death seemed rather unjustified, at least from a viewer's standpoint. It seemed rather quick and I disliked the fact that Maureen's last words were "but I chipped him"; it could've had more heart in her dying words than the mass confusion over why the chipping machine didn't work. Especially when Jane was holding her hand and crying. But I guess maybe they wanted to show that not all deaths have the sentimental words being spoken when someone is unexpectedly put in that kind of situation. Still, it was rather, I don't know. I could've been better constructed. But it was a stepping stone for Jane, at least that's how I feel. Jane now has to deal with the grief over losing the only person she could trust and had her back, as she mentioned at the funeral service.

On the other hand, Maureen never had a necessary role other than part of Andre's team and Jane's best buddy in the series. Almost every episode so far has explored the backgrounds and lives of the team, except for Maureen. Perhaps she was an expendable character, adding to Jane's character development along with the rest of the characters.

Aside from that, this is yet another episode with the Jane/Connor chemistry. This time blatantly exploring the "what could but will never be" scenario; the happy-go-lucky couple. What made it more interesting was the neuro casting the mindwarping spell that their roleplaying as husband and wife turned into a reality. The overloading of cuteness and bubbly personalities said it wasn't really them, except it was, just warped into thinking life is perfect in the Fair Oaks small town. Strange, seeing them in such a light like that. No fighting, no lewd comments and bantering. Just...nauseating adorableness that made them NOT who they truly are. Leading the a very interesting thought that perhaps maybe that's how they feel inside, that the things they said to each other were things they hid deep down instead and have repressed them because of their lives, their jobs and what they do.

It was funny seeing Connor wearing such fine clothing, all prepped up. Same with Jane, though she did look adorable in that floral getup when talking with the locals. This was very 1950s, the attire and demeanors of everyone. It was terrifying, in an amusing way. Exactly like the warped!Jane and warped!Connor acted, but it was that kind of crack that made it cute.

Not really my favorite episode, but it was cracktastic as mentioned before but sad at the same time. Certainly means more character developments for everyone, particularly for Jane. Especially for her.

On Tuesday the 10th, not only will Eureka's second season be premiering but during its premiere will be the sneak peek into BSG's Razor. Um, who's totally watching out for that? Because I will definitely be, count on it.
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