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Not a very bouncy bunny, this one.

Happy birthday, thaiibee! May this day of celebration be filled with happiness, and you get presented with lovely gifts (of the Kuu-chan kind) and delicious amounts of cake and ice cream. ♥

In slightly personal news, I have no idea how or when this happened, but I've unfortunately had gotten myself sick with Lord knows what. Sore throat, I can barely speak, and coughing. Though this only happens at night when I'm trying to get to sleep and early in the morning waking up, and throughout the day I just feel miserable. I can't even do my regular workout routine because of it, which'll definitely screw with my schedule. Woe.

You know, the whole Avril plagarism claims hoopla is just ridiculous. In fact, this has been happening a lot lately when something popular getting sued for getting more publicity than the so-called "original creators" of the supposedly copied material. What is up with that, anyway? I'm not even a fan of Avril, and while I find her annoyingly immature the entire situation is just plain stupid. Okay, so the two songs have similar tunes concerning only a few words of the chorus, so what? Music is repetitive and often times will sound similar to something else, but that doesn't mean it's plagarism.

I also recall Avril stating that she wrote/recorded that "Girlfriend" song while she was drunk. So, I don't know. *shrugs*

Tonight is also the midnight release for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which I will not be going for obvious reasons. But I do plan on going sometime soon thereafter, and possibly it'll be the IMAX theatre experience. Although I've read reviews saying that the film is very lukewarm and has lost its magic touch. The reactions will differ between these kinds of reviews and the general audience of course, so I won't let that bother me. I mean, the books follow a strict formula so the movies will follow through with that.

Oh, and tonight is also the premiere of Eureka on SciFi, with a sneak peek at BSG's "Razor" mini-movie!
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