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I know you know, that I'm not telling the truth...

Psych 2.01 "American Duos"

The show is BACK BABY, YAYS! Shawn, Gus, Juliette, and Lassie, how I've missed you all!

This episode was basically a spoof off of American Idol, which was freaking hilarious because of how uncanny it all was. It was so perfect, the chosen cast portraying the judges. Especially Tim Curry. How perfect was he in that role? Portraying the character Nigel St. Nigel (heh) which is reminescent to Simon, except he was much funnier and wasn't annoying. So much hilarious moments happened tonight, the Mr. Bean comment by the woman posing as the "Paula" character who, ironically, was drugged and whacked out of her mind. Juliette getting her groove on while training Shawn and Gus for "dancer boot camp" (I laughed out loud with that one!), along when she was doing the hip-hop moves while trying to be discreet, Nigel annoying the hell out of Shawn's dad, Lassiter and the "Paula" character scenes. Just, OMG so much awesome!

Greatest thing about it though? The undercover codenames: Shawn SpenStar and Gus "T.T." ShowBiz? In the words of keykook16, "those sound like porn star names!" And they certainly do. Hee.

The case was good, a nice start into the new season. I figured it was one of the contestants, though I didn't suspect it was the other judge helping along with the plans of killing Nigel. Of course, the funniest was how Nigel utterly dismissed and laughed about it was the "poorest attempt of murder" he'd ever seen. That's exactly how it should've been done, for that kind of character anyway.

Oh, and how awesome were Shawn and Gus and their talent show performance? Seriously. It's back, people, and I'm loving every second of it. Hee!

If you're not watching Psych what the hell is wrong with you, then I'll direct you to a fantabulous picspam made by carlyinrome detailing exactly WHY you should be watching the show, and how amazingly awesome it truly is.

Tonight I was also watching Cruel Intentions on OnDemand, which is my favorite guiltiest pleasure movies to this day. Bringing in the hot step-siblingcest and sexual innuendos, remembering back when I first saw it many years ago I hardly knew half of what they were talking about and today I keep thinking "OMG that is so dirty!" but still loving it. Also, it was SMG strongest performances and makes me wonder why she isn't doing those kinds of roles anymore, and feeling nostalgic when Ryan and Reese appear onscreen together.
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