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Random fandomness

1. Your HP nickname: I don’t have one

2. Do you write fanfiction: Indeed I do, but I haven’t published any of it just yet. Its sole purpose for now is pure entertainment and amusement on my part, nothing more.

3. Draw fanart: I doodle here and there and make sketches, but the same as fanfiction it’s mainly for my own usage. I do not make profits off it or anything of that nature.

4. Review much: Not really. I’m a lurker. However, with an exceptionally well-written story I will review on it, same with really, really horribly written stories (if I feel the need to tell the author that they made a lot/minor mistakes in their research, characterization etc.) Otherwise I am a random lurker.

5. Read too many fics: I don’t think there’s a limit to too many fics, but yet I do read quite a few. Though I find it hard to come across a great deal of good-quality written fanfiction when there are so much badly written ones. Lately I’ve stopped reading some altogether except a few that was recommended to me. Otherwise, the rest are indecent to my taste.

6. Favorite House: I am torn between Gryffindor and Slytherin

7. Favorite Gryffindor student: Harry Potter, of course

8. Favorite Slytherin student: Draco Malfoy

9. Favorite Ravenclaw student: Luna Lovegood, and for an odd reason Penelope Clearwater

10. Favorite Hufflepuff student: Hardly anyone here that I find particularly interesting, let alone a favorite

11. Favorite professor: Remus Lupin

12. Favorite Overall Character: Harry Potter

13. Favorite Adult: Sirius Black

14. Canon/Fanon Draco: I prefer the normal Draco above anything else. I want the dry, drawling speechifying; mean-spirited, cold-blooded, prejudiced spoiled little brat that Draco Malfoy is.

15. Canon/Fanon Snape: Again, I prefer the normal sneering Professor Snape. Enough with the ‘canon’ and ‘fanon’ lingo shit, I don’t like those terms.

16. Voldemort or Dumbledore: I honestly don’t know. I mean, Dumbledore is great and a very powerful wizard and all, but he lied to Harry and kept him in secret about stuff that actually involved his life, which was on the line. Whereas Voldemort tells it as it is (from his point of view, of course.) He’s blunt and straightforward and doesn’t fuck around with sugarcoating the truth. Dumbledore is essentially the good guy, viewed as the elderly mentor for Harry, yet his flaws corrupted all of Harry’s fifth year – and yes, I do blame Dumbledore for most of the things that had happened in Order of the Phoenix. I am torn between the two.

17. Cho, annoying or not: Absolutely and positively annoying as fucking hell. She’s a selfish, whining, self-centered, intolerable overemotional brat that only used Harry to get to know what her dead ex-boyfriend death – while on a date with Harry. Honestly, I never liked her from the beginning, and after what she’d done in the fifth book I have even more reason to despise her. I found her a distraction while reading the book, and it made me want to punch a whole into her skull (and I wouldn’t be surprised if I’d find air in her head). But, while writing fanfiction, I don’t bash her out like some people do. I would either just make her intolerable for any of the characters to be around or just ignore her completely.


18. Your OTP: Harry/Draco, Harry/Hermione, and Sirius/Remus

19. Other ships you sail: Remus/Lily, Fred/George, Ron/Luna, Harry/Luna, Ron/Ginny, Ginny/Percy, Bill/Charlie, Oliver/Percy, Percy/Penelope, Draco/Pansy, James/Lily, Snape/Lily

20. Intriguing Ships: Snape/Harry (the Snarry has gotten me enthralled), Harry/Hermione/Ron (OT3), Draco/Narcissa, Weasleycest, Hermione/Female!Blaise

21. Unimpressive Ships to me: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Cho, Harry/Ron

22. Hated Ships: Harry/Ginny, Harry/Cho

23. Het, slash, or femmeslash: All of the above

24. H/Hr or R/Hr: H/Hr

25. D/Hr or D/G: D/Hr (I personally believe that Draco could do a lot better than Ginny)

26. H/D or H/SS: Harry and Draco <3

27. Older Gen, Younger Gen, and Cross-Gen: I like the younger and older generation.


28. Canon or AU: I want stories that stay true to the books as possible, but have their own finesse to it. Alternate Universes are often sometimes written by a person’s perspective on what the Harry Potter series could’ve been if the entire Wizarding World was flipped upside down, almost seeming like a different dimension. I have read several and they fit fine, according to the sources that is the Potterverse. ‘Canon’ to me doesn’t exist. It’s a nonexistent word, to me at least.

29. Fluff or Angst: A mixture of both does a story wonders, if it’s necessary of course and appropriate to the plotline

30. Darkfic: If it’s needed, of course. I find fanfics that deal with the actual war very darkficcy, especially with the blood and the death and the thousands of corpses during a battle. Because mainly, the Harry Potter universe is built on a war zone; romance can happen though I don’t like sappiness mixed with the Darkfic.

31. OOC or IC: IC

32. SuddenlyVeryPowerful!Harry: No. He probably doesn’t need it anyway, because he already is a powerful wizard as it is.

33. One-shot or Chaptered: Either or, I am not picky. However, if it is a one-shot then I suggest it be a very good one-shot.

34. Novel-length: Absolutely! That is what I love about certain fanfiction authors that actually put time and effort into their stories, is when they give it actual depth.

35. Gen, Het, or Slash: All of the above

36. Drabbles: Yes, I enjoy them thoroughly. No complaints from this gal

37. SuddenlyVerySexy!Draco: Goodness, no. I don’t mind in context, but is never in an actual description. His character is not described like that, and while many fans, myself included, imagine that he may be very pretty in our own minds, the real Draco Malfoy in the books isn’t described as that at all. In fact, there should be nothing of the Suddenly!Sexy in any of the characters. Just, no.

38. Fanfiction Pet Peeves: Oh boy, here it goes: Poor grammar, failure to use the spellchecker, mischaracterization, failure to use paragraphs, the usage of big words in the wrong context, author’s notes in the middle of the story, asking for comments or threatening to not continue the story (FF.Net), extreme character makeovers (i.e. Drop-Dead-Gorgeous!Hermione, Punk!Harry, Ghetto!Draco, Wussy!Voldemort, Hermione suddenly turning Gothic/misunderstood self-harming girl over the summer, Handsomely-Sexy!Snape etc), using American slang, not using British slang properly, sleazy American transfers that turn out to be Mary Sues, Mary Sues in general, Muggle contraptions at Hogwarts/in the Wizarding World, not researching the time period of the Harry Potter era (ex: Harry doesn’t listen to modernized mainstream music – if any music at all, and Lily Evans would never listen to anything of today, plus they live in Britian and probably would listen to the popular European artists of that era), bashing of a character in the story that the author doesn’t like, author’s asking for reviews yet gets bitchy when there’s constructive criticism, no punctuation, writers that add a new character in which they intend to pretend that’s actually themselves in the story (MS), and a lot more but I feel like that’s enough to get my point across.

39. Canon or Fanon: Personally I’m getting tired of these terms. I know what they mean and all, but I’ve been hearing these terms a lot and lately and I just think that everyone should just stop. I prefer the ones that stay true to the books as much as possible without adding new characters or altering Jo’s world to make it their own. So, in case anyone hasn’t picked up on it yet, I’ve chosen the ‘canon’ term.

40. Many ships in one fic: How about NO ships in a fic. I’d rather read something that actually has a plot. Not that in most Potter romance fics there is no plot, but sometimes it's just too overdone.


41. Best Book: Order of the Phoenix, following right after Prisoner of Azkaban, of course.

42. Why: Order of the Phoenix had darker elements and content than the other books combined, and Harry is becoming a teenager. The upcoming war is essential and crucial in the series, and I feel that J.K. Rowling is doing a wonderful job in creating an atmosphere dealing with the darker and lighter forces in the Wizarding World.

43. Your opinion on the book six title (HBP): I was skeptical at first because it doesn’t seem like J.K. Rowling’s title style, though I am glad that it is finally revealed.

44. The HBP is: I still hold strong that Remus is probably the Half-Blood Prince and I still have theories on why that is, but I am beginning to also think it could be Godric Gryffindor, too. We won’t know until the book comes out now, will we?

45. SS or PS: Philosopher’s Stone sounds more accurate than the Americanized title. In fact, I want all British Harry Potter copies of the series. It’s like Americans don't seem to think children will understand the difference between Sorcerer and Philosopher. Besides, the original title sounds more sophisicated, don't ya think?

46. HBP or PoS (Pillar of Storge): HBP

47. SS/PS or CoS: PS

48. PoA or GoF: GoF

49. GoF or OotP: OotP

50. PoA or OotP: PoA

51. CoS or OotP: OotP

52. SS/PS or OotP: OotP

53. CoS or GoF: GoF

54. SS/PS or GoF: GoF

55. SS/PS or PoA: PoA

56. Liked OotP: Adored it. It definitely was worth the wait.

57. Wishes for HBP: More explanation behind Voldemort’s intentions, possibly something more on why he attacked the Potter’s at Godric’s Hollow. More information on the actual war and I am hoping for another huge fight/battle sequence like in OotP.

58. Things you don’t want to happen in HBP: Harry getting romantically involved with someone, Ginny becoming someone important, death of a favorite character.

59. Cried for Cedric: Nope. Didn’t care for the guy, really.

60. Cried for Sirius: I cried, I yelled at the book, I sulked and cried some more. In other words, yes.

61. Dark or Light Side: If we’re talking about good and evil I pick both, they’re equally interesting and both have elements within each other. If we’re talking about the contents of the books itself, then I choose dark. Darker themes make the Potterverse more likeable and less sugarcoated like other children’s books supposedly are.

62. Did the explanation of the prophecy satisfy you: Not really, because it hasn’t been fully revealed yet, we’ve got the sixth and seventh books to figure out by then.

63. Which character(s) needs more development: Luna and Draco


64. Favorite Artists: seviet does some outstanding artwork in moments of the books, and nasubionna has a unique style as well. Also, check out this girl's artwork, because it is absolutely stunning. Also I adore Tina Lynn's work as well, There's a hell of a lot more, but I'm too lazy too name them all.

65. Favorite drawing style: No favorite really, because I love all art

66. Love fanart of: All the characters, especially in the Marauder years and the Trio. I also enjoy seeing scenes from the books. Marta (seviet) does a fantabulous job of doing just that.

67. Fanart Pet Peeves: None

68. Stick Art: Yes, it can be humorous

69. Shiny: Is this art or an effect?

70. Anime/Manga: I think it looks adorable! Oh, how I love it so.

71. Realism: These artists are amazingly talented when it comes to realism drawing. I have much respect for them.

72. Cartoon: Yes, (think Potterpals)

73. Gen or Shipped: Either or, I’m no picky


74. Blaise’s Gender: Before Jo announced that Blaise is a boy I’ve always imagined him as a female. Despite the fact that we now know Blaise is a boy I will still see him as a girl. But yeah, Blaise in the books is of the male species. Somehow, though, I want to make him a cross-dressing transsexual, but maybe that’s just me.

75. Tom Riddle’s Eye Color: I’ve envisioned him to have dark blue eyes.

76. Luna Fan: Yes.

77. OC’s, done or not done: I prefer them not done. There’s something I cannot stand about other characters joining the mix of the original characters – unless it’s very well thought out, researched, and though out some more. Otherwise, leave the Potterverse to its original characters. We don’t need anyone named anything unusual to bombard Hogwarts with their ‘specialties’ or ‘connections’ with the characters and/or the plot.

78. Liking Weasley ships with ‘Flame’ or ‘Fire’ in the name: Haven’t a clue.

79. Weasley Love: The twins are the lovely bullying pranksters, Charlie and Bill are both cool, Percy’s turning to the Dark Side of the Force, both Ron and Ginny are the annoying younger siblings that should be hit over the head with a frying pan, repeatedly; Molly is all right and seems like a nice homemaker mom, but is wound up too tight, and Arthur seems like that wacky science teacher that’s impressed with a lot of gadgets and such. Overall, they’re an okay family with many dysfunctions (whereas the Weasleycest goes, it’s all about the love).

80. Malfoy Love: Loving my ickle little snoo that is Draco, Narcissa is acceptable in my book, Lucius gets no love, which goes perfectly well with his cold heart.

81. Potter Love: Of course! The ickle boy Harry, whom we all adore, Lily is a loving and nurturing mother and James, while a git in his Hogwarts years (it’s to be expected, he was a teenager after all), he was a wonderful father. Anyone who doesn’t agree with this deserves to die a slow, torturous death by spider bites!

82. Is Lucius really 49: Nope, 41 I believe the book says

83. Brilliant Name Ship (don’t need to ship it, though!): Guns and Handcuffs (H/D), Pumpkin Pie/Aurors (H/Hr), One Big Happy Family (Weasleycest, Weasley loving), Family Portrait (Malfoycest, N/D), The Trio (H/Hr/R), The Puppies (R/S).

84. Plain and Stupid Ship Name: The Good Ship (R/Hr). Honestly, that name is just tediously dull and boring. They need something new. Besides, ALL ships are good ships if the shippers of that ship are devoted to that specific ship. Basically calling themselves 'The Good Ship' is like dismissing all the other ships out there, and that is completely unnecessary and uncalled for.

85. Voldemort. Bald. Yes or no: Believe so, yes.

86. The power He-Knows-Not and the power that saved Harry is: Love

87. Your view on Hufflepuff-ies: Underrated, and at times overlooked, but the actual Hufflepuffs themselves can sometimes be quiet and goody-goodies, but with good intentions.

88. Should Ron say ‘Bloody Brilliant more than once: Should we care? Aren’t there more British slang he could use or something?

89. Hermione, pretty. Am I right: In her own way, yes – but she’s no knockout, drop dead gorgeous type of girl. Her attractiveness comes from her intelligence, cleverness and loyalty to her friends, not by outward beauty. Which is another reason why I love Hermione.

90. Best Harry fanfic ever: Draco Dormiens, Draco Sinister and Draco Veritas by Cassandra Claire

91. Recommend the second best, too: Stealing Harry by Sam (with the puppies!)

92. Did Harry Potter change your life dramatically: As a matter of fact, it has made quite an impact on my life. After discovering Harry Potter I have, for a lack of a better definition, become mellower than I was. Harry Potter is one of my much-loved fandoms and I treasure it.

93. Marauders. Like or dislike: Love!

94. Prongs, Moony, Padfoot, or Wormtail: Padfoot, Moony, and Prongs

95. Could Lily have been an animagus too: It’s a possibility, since we know so little about her.

96. What animal Lily would’ve been: I’m thinking a raven or a mockingbird or an owl, some sort of harmless, peaceful bird.

97. Did Harry pass his Potions’ O.W.L.s: Probably

98. Did Ron: Should I care?

99. Is Harry going to die or will he survive: I believe he’ll survive, but there’ll be many consequences he’ll have to face, such as the death of some of his friends and schoolmates and the loss of people he cared about the most. I also believe Harry won’t be mentally stable to deal with all that has happened over the years.

100.What gives you the warmest fuzzies in your stomach in the whole Potterverse: The entire fandom, and that it has a worldwide fanbase dedicated and devoted to the series. The fact that everyone, of all ages, enjoys the Harry Potter books is beyond amazing. The Goddess that is Joanne Rowling has created such an imaginative and captivating magical world that everyone can relate to and connect with on many different levels, and she has made a huge impact on so many people’s lives in the process. I am a proud of the Harry Potter fandom and its success. I also want to give personal thanks to ivyblossom, taradiane, and keykook16 for introducing me into the fandom. I am grateful that you did, for I wouldn't be the person I am now.

And that is about the it.

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