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This this outfit make me look smartical?

Whew. It's so freaking hot and humid today, though not as blazing as yesterday which I had the unfortunate case of traveling out and about in. The thing is it isn't going to be cooling down anytime soon; it's been in the high nineties and we're about the reach into the hundreds by Wednesday, as predicted. Ah, summer weather.

Okay, I accidentally read some spoilers for Supernatural, although I have some thoughts about them. This is in regards to the casting spoilers of two new female characters, I'm a little concerned. It's not necessarily about the kickass female part, because I love me any female character who is sassy and can hold her own, or even the possibility of the Winchester boys getting some romance in their lives. I guess I'm concerned because I haven't heard anything about Jo coming back to square things and be involved again, and I feel like she's getting snubbed completely. I mean, I know the writers were unsure what to do with the Jo storyline, but I figure they can just start anew with her. I guess my biggest hope is that they don't abandon her altogether, and I'll be disappointed if they introduce these new characters without even mentioning Jo. Not that I'm saying I'll purposefully dislike these two girls. My bias on Jo will definitely not influence my opinions of them, and who knows? I may end up liking them just as well (however the thing about a developed backstory was something Jo didn't have, and these girls do, which is slightly unfair). Although with the romance thing, I can take it or leave it, however I stand firmly that with the lives Sam and Dean leave having a stable relationship won't necessarily last long, at least from what has been observed that's what I think.

So, there's my initial thoughts on the subject as for right now. Of course, if they DO decide to bring back Jo, even for a few episodes, I'd prefer she'd appear someplace like mid-season and surprise everybody while busting some demon-butt. More like a "Oh, hey guys. Miss me?" which would be awesome, and I'll be sitting back waving my Jo Harvelle fanflag with glee. But, that's my hopeful wishing.

Oh, and they're planning on remaking Escape to Witch Mountain...AGAIN? Need I remind everyone that a modern-version was already remade with Erik von Detten and Elisabeth Moss? Not exactly as great as the original classic, but still. No more remakes, people! It's coming to a point where it's becoming so frequent it's nauseating.

And last but not least, meme from fridayfiver:

1. Tea or coffee?
Tea, preferably iced though I do like hot tea as well. I'm not a coffee-drinker, since the stuff literally makes me ill to my stomach. Plus, I'm not fond of its smell.

2. Do you speak your mind?
When the time is appropriate, I will give my opinionated thoughts. However that only happens when I'm comfortable with the people I'm around. Generally I'm more of a listener than a talker in huge group conversations, though when the opportunity comes around with a topic I feel strongly about I will speak my mind. I just don't intentionally want to start looking for something to debate and talk about, I do manage to think before I speak and know what I'm talking about. In other circumstances, if there's something happening and I know I should speak out upon it I definitely will.

3. What is your escape?
Music, dancing, physical activity (i.e. working out, to be specific), reading and most importantly, fandomish things.

4. When is the last time you cried?
Earlier today, for no reason at all other than being completely emotional over absolutely nothing.

5. What are your bedtime rituals?
Basically the usual cleansing necessities (washing the face, brushing teeth, etc.), sometimes I take a shower before all that happens some nights. After that I need to make sure everything in the house is locked up, shut things down and such. Then once turning down to go to bed I read for a while before actually falling asleep.
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