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O Hai LJ, Where U Be At?

In the midst of the power outage that effected LJ/Six Apart operations, while I busied myself with other things/chores I'm glad that LiveJournal has returned. Fwee.

So I've been watching CSI on SpikeTV, because nothing else interesting is on and I'm waiting for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to come on. So far I've seen guest-appearances by Zachary Quinto, Tricia Helfer, Mark Sheppard, and Ian Somerhalder, all three episodes back-to-back. Quite a treat, actually. And I find it interesting that Mark and Tricia have worked before, in this as well as in the third season of BSG. Yes, I like making those little connections of fandoms colliding. I am easily amused and entertained by those notions, so sue me. This makes me really want Zachary and Tricia to work together giving me ideas for Sylar/Six sexiness. Okay, I'll stop now.

After seeing those previews for the movie I Know Who Killed Me, it does look mildly intriguing. However, I'm certainly not rushing to a theater to see it. Perhaps if they'd gotten a different lead actress instead of Lohan I would feel more interested. But I don't want to waste my money on that trainwreck.
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