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Nugget or Knuckle-dragger? Take your pick.

1. Holy shiznits, we've got Heroes Season Two promotional pictures. There are mild spoilers, though only showing who'd survived the season finale. There are pictures for the premiere episode available, and those are most certainly spoilerish for sure, which I'm not glancing at. But nonetheless, I can't wait for the second season to start! Yays!

2. In political news, as everyone knows there was the CNN/YouTube Democratic Debate, allowing U.S. citizens to send in video-recorded messages to the candidates to, as they claimed, "personalize" the pressing issues. It was an incredibly overhyped thing, as nothing extraordinary happened because it was just the normal hoopla, just with lame YouTubers on a very small crappy screen shown on an even bigger screen, making the whole overexaggerated hype even more ridiculous. What exactly was the purpose of that, anyway? It was the same questions, same way of answering them, only this time it was directed from a screen instead of on paper. It reminded me of the craptastic way TRL has been doing their show by airing horrible virtual videos of idiots giving shoutouts about the video they've chosen to play, which are more often than not buffered vidcam videos! I'm sorry, but no. It's even worse when this has hit the political world, to which I'm glad to have The Daily Show to mock the ridiculousness of it.

3. When did this week go back so fast? Boggles the mind, I tell you....

4. I keep having reoccurring dreams of being a viper pilot, and sometimes I'm flying a Cylon Raider thinking it's a viper (don't ask, long story). Primarily I think it's because I've been rewatching BSG and it's been on my mind recently, though if these dreams were to be prophetic, if I were to be in this universe my choice occupation would be a viper pilot. Even though I'd totally would be a Cylon, for sure.
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