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Fandomosity: ZQ, Serenity, Sarah Connor Chronicles

-♠- Sylar Is A Trekkie: Zachary Quinto to play Spock! I'm sure everyone's heard about this awesome news, but I shall retell it anyway. Known for his villian role as Sylar on Heroes, Zachary has been officially confirmed to play Spock in the upcoming Star Trek film directed by J.J. Abrams. There had been circulating rumors about casting, and it's been known that Zachary had wanted to take on the role, and it's been confirmed by official sources that he is, indeed, playing the popular Vulcan character. I'm really excited for him! I'm not a Trekkie and have little knowledge or interest in the Trek universe, but I'm thrilled for this great opportunity for him. I just hope they leave the Sybrows alone....

-♠- 'Tis Shiny, Capt'n: In light of the Collector's Edition DVD arriving soon, the Serenity official website has revamped itself, including a new trailer for the film and more details about what's featured in the collector's DVD. I, for one, can't wait to hear the cast commentary for the film. It's one of the special features I love on anything.

-♠- River Tam, Terminator: Summer Glau talks more about her role in the upcoming series The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Nothing spoilerish, but still very cute and insightful look at her preparations for getting the role. The series is set to premiere on the FOX network sometime early in 2008, however you can watch the pilot episode which has been leaked. Note that the pilot is the original unaired version, as they're reshooting some scenes before premiering.
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