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I don't give a flying frak!

Taken from altfriday5:

1. In general, do tend to over- or underfunction?
I'm more in the middle of the two, though most recently I tend to overfunction with certain aspects with my life and everything around me.

2. We all overfunction in some areas and underfunction in others. In what areas do you overfunction (e.g. work/school, maintaining relationships, housework)? In what areas do you underfunction?
My overfunctioning happens with caring for the household, such as chores and the like. I also tend to overfunction with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, although I would hardly call myself a "health freak" by strict definition; I just tend to pay attention to my personal health than other people. I'm middleground with maintaining relationships, and as for underfunctioning, well that would've been underneath the work and school department, though with schoolwork I'm taking that more seriously than I have in the past.

3. Do you tend to date people who overfunction or people who underfunction, or is it about equal?
I'd say it's about equal, since I don't think anyone likes the overbearingness on either side of the line. Though it does depend on how they deal with it and if it doesn't effect the relationship in a negative light.

4. Do you tend to be friends with people who overfunction or people who underfunction, or is it about equal?
Again, it's about equal. But I've become inclined to be friends with those who overfunction because in the past, I'd befriended and were associated with those who underfunctioned which brought me down to not caring about things as well. Now that I know what's better for me and my life, I tend to stay close to those who manage their own lives and continue to do whatever they do. It doesn't matter if they're middleground or overfunction to a degree, at least they're attempting and doing what they can to get whatever needs to be done. That's the kind of positivity I need around me right now, the kind of motivation to not give up on obligations.

5. What were the roles in the family you grew up in? Who had a tendency to overfunction, and who had a tendency to underfunction?
My mother overfunctioned and my father underfunctioned. Both me and my sister were on equal grounds during our childhood, though we've both gone our separate ways of functioning later on in life.

Oh, and this'll please all BSG watchers: The "Frak" Compilation (Part 1). I stumbled across it last night while randomly ramaging through YouTube searching for fandomish-related things. It's mainly all "frak" phrases used from the miniseries through the first season, which should be a great way to introduce the show to any newcomers. Heh. It's just hilarious, especially Helo's "frakking rats" and Apollo's "FRAK YOU!" Hee!

New Psych and Painkiller Jane tonight, so yay! Too bad they're both on at the same time though, however thankfully PKJ repeats at midnight so it works out nicely.
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