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The freaks get freakier every minute.

Psych 2.03 "Psy vs. Psy"

Once realizing that the Lindsay chick was going to be the evil!"psychic" being competitive towards Shawn or, more specifically, completely smug at thinking she can outdo him in solving a case and prove he's a fake, I immediately came up with dozens of things for Shawn to really cancel her out. There was talk about setting the girl's hair on fire, but that's for another discussion altogether. Especially when she took advantage of Shawn and thought she could get away with it. But thankfully, he pwned her, and it was good.

Other than that, I really enjoyed this episode and thought it was simply fantastic. The subject of competition was nicely done not only between Shawn and Lindsay, but Lassiter and the FBI-detective as well. Also Shawn's questioning of his job choice and how he can deal with someone who could be better than him in that position. The conversation between him and his dad about quitting, and his father accepting him, was great. It's exactly what Shawn needed to hear, I think. Because we know how his father can be, but the lessons learned are incredibly helpful.

I suspected that Lindsay wasn't at all what she claimed to be, but I didn't suspect that she was the murderer until the last ten minutes. At first my initial thoughts were that she and the federal detective were a con team, just the way of their mannerisms and how they used the power of their words to impress others. But having only Lindsay being the one doing the dirty work was an interesting move and, like I stated, I knew she was evil from the moment she denounced Shawn from the beginning. Her overly smug attitude annoyed me, but I figured that was to be expected. Shawn really gave her the "oh snap" revelation in the end, proving that she may have the professionalism for the job, doesn't mean she's qualified for it. She used it for personal gain whereas Shawn uses his skills to solve crimes.

Props to the disguised notion of whether she was or wasn't a real psychic, though, and in the end it made all perfect sense how she knew the things she did. Impressive. Also, great writing and the dialogue was amazing, as usual. After a not-so-great day yesterday, I definitely needed the laughs and Psych never fails to accomplish that.

Painkiller Jane 1.15 "The Healer"

Painkiller Jane has done it again, an episode leaving me satisfied. Action, mystery, conspiracy leaks in the system, questioning of character motives and development of trust. Got to love it.

Apparently, Jane had been visiting a faith healer to cope with her understanding of her condition. In a way, I can see why she would because suddenly finding out that you can miraculously heal from any injury, escaping from death over and over? That's definitely got to be heavy stuff. Though it was obvious from the start after realizing where she was going and who she was going to that the healer was a Neuro. It was just the matter of how his power was sabatoging the team. The connection with Jane was very interesting, and it made sense. Or as much sense as we can make it from what we know about her ability anyway. I also liked that Andre pushed the limits to prove that it was really Jane causing the mysterious incidents, including messing with her head to make her understand it's the faith healer's ability that created the circuits to enhance her willpower to expand and lash outwardly.

It also questions how Jane can control her power unconsciously, even with the influence of another Neuro's ability. Her self-doubt, the doubting of someone she trusted possibly being a Neuro, and even possibly wanting out of the team because of everything she'd been through. Like she said in her voiceover, she's her own worsy enemy. Her ability may be a part of her, but like all other Neuros they've faced she could potentially become dangerous if she allows herself to, even if it's an unconscious decision. Andre proved that when he faked wanting to chip her and turn her in.

Exploring all the different possibilities with her power and the potential risk, I really liked that, and I'm glad they're moving forward with it. Oh, and Connor getting awesome lines this episode! Jane and him are getting back to their UST bickering.

I'm worried about the preview for next week, though. We've already lost Maureen, and from Andre's distressed call they're going to kill off Connor and Riley? Or is that just misleading to what it's really about like those previews always do. I don't think they'd give away what's going to happen in the preview, but you never know. More mysterious conspiracies is what I'm hoping for, and PKJ is delivering them nicely in most recent episodes. I also want to know what's going on in the upper-management, with NEKO and everything else. Perhaps that'll be revealed very soon.

Oh, and I can't wait for Bionic Woman, all because evil!Starbuck. Yep.
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