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Death is life, only without breathing.

Happy birthday, cadence_k! Have a good one, darling. ♥

I just finished reading/listening to an interview with Grace Park from SciFiWorld. It's semi-old, like from April, but it's relatively new for me because I hadn't seen it before. It's an interesting read, giving her insightful thoughts about her character, the show in general and where it's headed, season three and speculations about season four. I really liked how she answered the questions so thoroughly and as articulately as she could without becoming repetitive. I liked the whole thing, though my favorite part was when the question aimed at the possibilities of Cylon/Cylon romance and her reply was:
"The truth is that Cylons do sleep with each other, they do engage in sex and physical acts. They actually consider it even much more casual than we do in America today, which is already pretty casual. But the thing is we don’t actually show it on TV a lot. I’m not sure why. I would actually like to see some Cylon on Cylon action, but two men Cylons, because we always have the women Cylon being naked but we never see the guys. You know that T'ai Chi scene that Sharon does we thought it would be actually really good if Doral did it."
Right on, girl. Another reason to love Grace Park like I needed another reason, but whatever. I've actually wondered the same thing too, and wouldn't mind some of the men getting in on the dirty action. Some Doral/Leoben, if you please.

Speaking of awesome fandoms, I've come to the conclusion that Heroes has the best cast/crew ever. I have been reading the recapped reviews from the San Diego Comic-Con, even watched some of the videos (which somehow miraculously managed to avoid spoilerish stuff), and they are just so laidback and hilarious and dedicated to their work, loves the fans and vice versa. And yes, they know about the craziness fandom comes up with; the Petrellicest, the Mylar, the general HoYay! Everything. Which is pretty awesome in itself, especially since they continually endorse the fannish obsession. Oh and Kevin Smith to be writing for Heroes: Origins! How fucking cool is that people? Seriously, and the audience was going absolutely nuts when Kevin made his surprise appearance and talked about his involvement (and the "two gay Japanese dudes", which I laughed out loud at that). Whee! I can't wait until the second season starts, man.

Yes, I did cave into reading this stuff. Though it isn't necessarily spoilerish regarding the second season per se, which I am still avoiding to know. Mainly anything else, crew/writers/casting is okay to know, but anything involving character storylines and the main overall plot of S2 is what I'm a spoilerphobe for.
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