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We were kidnapped by hillfolk, never to be seen again.

01. Lately I've been watching Spanish soap operas, or telenovelas. There's just something so enchanting and endearing about them that differs dramatically, literally, from regular American soaps. Besides, what else is worthwhile daytime television to watch anyway? Most recently it's been Trópico and Acorralada.

02. Tricia as a dominatrix? Now that's hot. But the wig and photo hardly do her justice, though.

03. "I'm the first bionic woman....ta-da!" The extended preview-trailer for the NBC series Bionic Woman, which almost looks like a movie trailer (and in a way I think it should've been made into a movie, but whatever). I know people are kind of iffy how this'll manage as opposed to the original, but it's the re-imagined version, much like BSG. I don't think it'll compare to the awesomeness BSG is, though I'll give it a chance. Besides, it has Katee being all sexy and snarky. What more could you ask for? Hee.
Tags: bionic woman, fandom, katee sackhoff, tricia helfer
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