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To be or not to be, that is the question that STILL needs an answer.

May I direct everyone to The Multi-Fandom Friending Meme and the Billie Piper Friending Meme. Get acquainted with people with similar interests, friend them and have fun. So, welcome new friends: ablondeolive, airelin, araceli_maura abd velvet_midnight! Glad to have you, in my domain of fangirlish insanity! ♥

So, yourheartsighs had asked me some questions from that particular questions meme, and here are my answers:

1. What's your favourite lifetime memory?:
I think anything from childhood that had family vacations or gatherings. Like going to Disneyland, going on cruises or even traveling to visit relatives and such. Plus the innocence of being a kid, which now I'm kind of missing.

2. Who is the closest person in your life?:
My mother, hands down.

3. What's your talent?:
I have many different talents, which have been told to me by many different people throughout my life so far. I get recognized a lot for my talent for dancing, which is something I'm very passionate about. I'm also told about my eye for fashion, clothing and color coordinating; I'm actually considered the family fashion consultant because of this fact. I like using my creativity to draw and create collages and the like. It's a variety of things to be honest, but those are the talents that I have been commented about constantly.

4. Favourite cartoon character?:
Um, I'm kind of drawing a blank right now...can I just say My Little Pony until I think of a better answer? Heh.

5. What movie do you want to see the most right now?:
The Bourne Ultimatum.

Psych in about five minutes. *squees*
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