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Sorry, should I hide in the bedroom like a hooker?

After some stressful, exhausting things that happened within last forty-eight hours, it's time to talk fandom.

Eureka 2.04 "Games People Play"

Okay, I still haven't watched the last two episodes which, I know, is totally my bad. Although I have read the recaps for them, plus I'm sure I'll catch them on rerun. That or I can resort to downloading, which I could but the last time I did that it took for-freaking-ever to finish. Anyway, luckily I did catch this one on time.

I liked this episode and the whole parallel Eureka thing. But what I loved most of all was the family dynamic between the Carters, especially between Carter and Zoey. In the beginning of the series we know that he and Zoey were at a rocky father-daughter relationship, then they entered a completely different world and strangely enough, that is what brought them together closer than ever. Another thing I liked seeing what the conflict between Carter and his former wife, the custody issue and seeing what really matters. Zoey didn't want to leave, but wanted her father to fight for her since they'd gotten so close while staying in Eureka, plus she considers Eureka home which she has friends and people who understand her and vice versa. Even her mother noticed this by the end after everyone in the town was worried over Carter and Zoey. As Vincent said, "he's our sheriff, and she's our girl!" A statement that couldn't be anymore true.

Also, for guest-star surprises: Olivia d'Abo played Abby Carter! Most will recognize her as the reoccurring role of Nicole on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I squeed when I saw her, and hopefully they'll leave the door open for her to return. I really liked her arguing with SARAH, which was hilarious in itself.

Speaking of SARAH, the ending scene with Carter and Zoey were having the sentimental conversation after the argeement of letting her stay with him was also very funny. Hee.

Psych 2.04 "Zero To Murder In Sixty Seconds"

Hilarious, as usual. Though really, what episode hasn't been?

Shawn questioning and second-guessing the situation was nicely done, because while anyone would be stoked to have solved a case quickly, it did seem too quick to bust out the bad guys. I mean, Shawn is good...but not that good. With any detective, it's always a smart idea to retrace the tracks in case you've missed something, even if the case has already been closed and there seems to be no loose ends. Though his dad did have a point: sometimes a case is just a case with criminalno other alternative hidden motive or agenda. Though in this episode, that certainly isn't what it is. Of course, if it were, then we wouldn't have an episode would we?

Oh, and the many crazy antics with Shawn and Gus. One of the reasons why I love this show is the friendship between these two, while completely different they are so much alike. Complete BFFs, for real. Another thing, the flashbacks to their childhoods are icing on the cake, and the young actors portraying the younger versions of them are so perfect, and sets up the insight to what personal issues one character will have to relive again in that episode.

Pimping out Gus' ride? That was beyond hysterically awesome! Reminded both me and my sister of those Volkswagen commericals. Because really, after this episode Gus totally has to "unpimps ze auto!" HEE!

And weren't Lassiter and Juliet kind of adorable with their squeeing over their presentation and fighting over the bulletproof vest?

Yeah, I love this show. It gets my funny bone every single time, and next week Shawn is riding a horse! Which allow me to say this: Save A Horse, Ride A Fake-Psychic.

Painkiller Jane 1.16 "Thanks for the Memories"

Eh, this was really a filler episode at best. I admit I was confused about where everything was going, but I knew that Andre and the team wouldn't have been killed off so abruptly like that without a rational explanation. This was more of a revisitation to the previous episodes of the season as she visists one of the Neuros who could store and restore memories and knowledge. Jane does this because she fears that they're mission to save the world from dangerous Neuros will never be known, and wants security that if something happens to her that he would be able to do it for her.

But it turns out it was all a horrible dream. Was it really a dream though, or visions of something to come? They did have the Jane 113 reference return again, keeping with the continuity, and I liked that.

Though it brings up a lot of Jane's insecurities over things. Like when the Neuro questions her about if she's ever seen NEKO for herself, besides being assured and reassured about its function. Or questioning herself and the people she trusts and if she could truly rely on them, even herself. Despite it being filler it did have the concerns over those issues, particularly her boyfriend. We know little to nothing about him, and the possibility that he's working for another organization who knows what Jane is and what she does in her line of work, and the only reason why he's with her is to get the information he needs to finally bring the team and their work down in the end. That would be a great storyline to follow through, because having Jane lose everything she's known by the hands of someone she thought she could trust and shared something intimate with, that would really bring more to her character at her act of revenge and such.

Besides, at the end she looks at the hairclip while they're snuggling intimately again with curiosity, because even though before it was a dream there might just be truth in it. With the things she's seen and witnessed before, anything's possible at this point. Though I would've liked it if she would do some background research on him, just to clear out her mind and conscience that there is no initial threat.

Otherwise, there was nothing substantial in this episode other than those speculations. Though I'm waiting for "Jane 113" to come, because after all we've known, with the predictions and conspiracies surrounding Neuros, the government corporation, NEKO and even Jane herself, I hope there's more answers to be revealed about it all soon.

Tonight is a new Suite Life of Zack and Cody, which I also haven't been keeping track of the newer ones. Of course knowing Disney Channel they rerun episodes ad nauseam, so it shouldn't be too difficult to catchup (although unlike my other fandoms, missing several episodes doesn't spoil you in being behind).

Also, Daniel Radcliffe in springtime for Hilter in Germany! My Boy Jack. I think both he and Admiral Adama will have to battle it out for the best PORNstache, like seriously.
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