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Are you in, or are you out?

01. Friending Meme. You know you want to....

02. Most recently I've been watching Freeze, a Korean drama about a vampire bar-owner who falls in love with a woman. Sounds slightly familiar, doesn't it? However it's much more interesting than its description, more drama-filled than action but so far I'm loving it. I wanted to download it a while back, unfortunately I don't have a program that'll play RAW, soft or hard SUBs properly. Thankfully, it's now being aired on the AZN Channel so I don't have to worry about that anymore. Speaking of which, some days ago I watched Suffocation (Zhixi), an excellent mild psychological thriller. It has an ending you wouldn't expect, and I recommend it to anyone.

03. I'm going to be having a marathon of my current fandoms, just because I can. I'm just about to finish Battlestar Galactica then I'm going to be starting on Heroes, then Bones and perhaps after that House or Supernatural. I feel that even though I have my summer shows, I need to refresh myself before my fandoms return for the fall season.
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