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It goes on and on

Right now it's raining. Loud thunder and lightning and strong winds are hitting our area...and I am loving it! On the news weather report it actually says that we're expecting showers and thunder for Thursday and Friday. I cannot wait! *squees*

I love the rain - thunderstorms are even better. Although loud thunderstorms aren't very common around here. I remember when I was in my English class and it was raining rather heavy and suddenly, a loud crack of thunder rolled above us. Everyone got excited and looked out the window for any signs of lightning and our teacher actually said: "It's not like you haven't heard thunder before!"

Well yeah, we have heard thunder before, but this was louder and more effective that's ever happened - from what I can remember, anyway.

Although I am glad that I am not in Las Vegas at this moment. Major flash floods entered the area of Las Vegas, Nevada yesterday. Strange. Most people would think that there would be little to no rain in Las Vegas, considering it's in the middle of the desert. But I have been there before and while traveling through the mountainsides we had some rain. By the time we got to the hotel, it was heavily raining - my sister was so damn surprised at this. I found it exciting. At least it was better than all that humid heat.

Well, thunderstorms or just heavy rain it doesn't really matter. As long as there's no more sun for a while and it's dark and overcast, I'll be fine.
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