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This is what you do to a fangirling brain...

So, with the NBC Primetime Preview that happened there was a trailer for season two of Heroes. Last night before going to bed I was curious so I clicked, and a particular shot caught me attention almost immediately: Sylar in a Hawaiian shirt. Just the fact that he's in a Hawaiian shirt, on the beach, assumingly gazing at a woman's boobs, has me really intrigued about what exactly is happening in this particular scene itself other than the fact that he's majorly hot. I know nothing of his character storyline this season, so I can't place properly what context this may be in.

Altough, in the trailer itself he does say "none of this is real" in a very slurred, drugged voice. So either he's hallucinating, that perhaps Candice is putting on an illusion show for him, giving him some kind of relief for whatever is happening to him kind of like a certain Gaius Baltar torture scene. Initially I thought of different scenarios when I first saw the picture, like whether he was simply on vacation (hey, brain-stealing villains need vacation-time too, especially after repeatedly getting beaten and stabbed in the finale), he it doesn't seem plausible. And after seeing the clip I realized that nothing was as it seemed, which is what this show really is about. Zachary does say that Sylar goes to a new place this season, not extreme but different from where he was last season. Should be interesting to see where it all leads.

Of course, my mind went with my original outlandish theory that he's a Cylon and projecting in that scene. Or for an alternative, that blonde woman he's gazing at is his very own head!Six. Wishful thinking I know, but wouldn't it be AWESOME if that actually happened? Imagine the interaction between Sylar and a head!Six. That would be a mindtrip like no other.

Ah, colliding fandoms together. Isn't it wonderful?

For those that missed it, Primetime Preview: Heroes S2 Sneak Peek. Judging from what you see here, it looks to be frakking amazing. I hope it's as good as the first season, if not better and going above and beyond that level of awesome.

Can September arrive any faster? TPTB are killing me, over here!
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