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The Epilogue Meme (my thread). Show some love, pretty please?

Psych 2.05 "And Down The Stretch Comes Murder"

So, when Shawn and Gus' old childhood bully comes around to ask them for help concerning troubles with horses falling down at his line of profession, being a jockey, the two find themselves lured into a case of murder when one of the jockey's falls down dead in the middle of the race. Shawn deals with owing their apparently still-jerky nemesis over a childhood incident while trying to solve the case in which he hopes, despite hard feelings, that their nemesis wasn't the perp all along on both accounts.

First thing's first, I absolutely adored the mind!replay with Shawn communicating with his younger self. I swear, that was too incredibly awesome and cute for words, especially when mini!Shawn commented on how his hair would be in the future. Aw! They should do those kinds of things more often.

Gus' insult towards Chad Michael Murry was a brilliant burn! Loved it.

I really love the interactions between Shawn and Henry, because it truly does show that despite frustrating each other they do, ultimately, get along and have affection for one another. Also, even though Henry can be a pushover sometimes he does offer great fatherly advice and lessons that Shawn needs in a particular episode. I liked that Shawn's insults towards his dad's hideous shirt went full-circle. Which I admit, not exactly the greatest shirt in the world for Shawn to be wearing but still, Shawn looks fine either way. I did want to tear that shirt off if him....what? A girl can dream.

Moreover, the handling over the bully situation was nicely done. It proves that, although we'd like to think those we were mean to us during elementry/junior high/high school turn out to be homewreckers or lowlife criminals with no success whatsoever, there is an opposite direction. That while small in size (literally, in this case), the bully can still be an arrogant jerkwad and having a good life. My initial thought that while Gus was freaking out before seeing the guy, that their old school bully would've turned into a pitiful person -- although once hearing him shout through the door made me think otherwise. I did, however, like in the end that although still with the insulting nicknames they've all made a truce, and Shawn got to apologize and get that heavy weight off his shoulders over the guilt of the spitball incident.

Speaking of which, I totally didn't see the reveal that it was Gus that did the spitball! That was utter genius, and Gus seemed to proud of himself, as did Shawn.

Awww, Lassiter wanted a horse/pony as a kid. I loved his surrending comment, "well didn't everyone?" That was adorable, and I liked how it was Gus that made fun of him this time whereas Shawn just thought it was sweet. He even offered hugs! Who could resist hugs from Shawn Spencer, I mean really?

As usual, hilarious episode. So many golden moments, and it keeps getting better and better. And the Pysch-Out, singing Pat Benetar? OMG that was GREAT!

So in case anyone didn't already know, beginning tomorrow the Heroes cast will be hosting their favorite episodes in a mini-rerun for five weeks. Which I am completely psyched for because, come on, who doesn't love to hear what the cast has to say about their favorite episodes? I've watched the commentaries for some of them (and I'm hoping those'll be available on the DVD, too), but this is entirely different in which I hope more stuff is revealed about how filming was and so forth. I am especially anxious for hearing Hayden and Milo talk about "Homecoming" and Jack talking about "Company Man", and of course the obvious being Zachary and Sendhil discussing "Parasite". I wonder if they're going to mention Mylar at some point...they've done it before in interviews and at Comic-Con. It's bound to happen, or at least make subtle hints towards it by the torture scene. Hee.

Also, I think Pushing Daisies is going to be on my list of newest fandoms to watch. Simply put it looks like my type of show, it's premise is intriguing and it's created by Bryan Fuller who also created Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls. So it's no wonder why it caught my interest. Besides, I've heard plenty of praises surrounding it. I also saw my first preview for Private Practice, and that's another I'm considering.
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