July 12th, 2003

Katherine Pierce.

Final Order of the Phoenix Verdict

Okay, so I've finished the book. Now I've got to make some statements about the characters and what was happening throughout the book. I loved the book, it was entirely enthralling all the way through and nobody can match that up to any other story no matter how hard they try.

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All in all, the book was interesting, well-written, and intriguing to me as all the other books were. But this one was much darker, more suspenseful, creepier, depressing and has more mature themes than the others did. Was this book better than the others? Yes. Am I looking forward for the next one? Oh, fucking yes!

J.K. Rowling still hasn't lost her touch with connecting with the characters, making the story have twisted plotlines and disturbing discoveries which makes any reader, young or old, enchanted through its words. Let's just hope that we get the sixth book here faster than this one. Because I really don't want to wait three more fucking years for the next book to come out. Until then, I'm going to read all five books over and over as well as anticipating for the third movie teaser to come out (this November!) and the movie that opens in June of 2004. YAY! *giggles insanely*

That's my Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix verdict. Until next time.
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