November 8th, 2003

Katherine Pierce.

Raindrops on Roses....

This is why I love rainy days like this. Right now it's raining like crazy out here, and I just hope it continues on towards the rest of next week. I wished that we have a thunderstorm right about now. It happened during the summer, it should happen again during winter, too. However, I'm loving this kind of weather at the moment. It's just all downpour - and I wish this happened all year long, or at least be overcast.

I am now at my father's house, which is highly unlikely for me to ever do anything on the computer, let alone the internet, while I am here. Because he's internet is so damn slow, and he doesn't even bother getting the computer updated. He still has a Microsoft 93. I keep tyring to tell him that he should get a new comupter system, and he keeps on promising that he will - but he never does. Promises. They never get anywhere, especially with the idiotic moron that is our father.

Well, Prisoner of Azkaban teaser trailer will be out this Friday, and I am so ecstatically excited it's not even funny. Also, this last Friday after I came home from school, I found the recent Prisoner of Azkaban promotion pictures and....holy fucking shit, they look incredibly awesome! I was just astounded that they've taken this long to get them out in the open, and now we've got more than they gave us at least a month ago.

But since getting the pictures off the internet wasn't enough, obviously, my sister and I went to Borders and we went to the magazine section and wanted to see if they had the USA Today issue and, when we found it, we bought it. Although it took us a few mintues to realize that it wasn't a magazine, it was a newspaper.

But I am glad that we're seeing progress in the movie so far. Alfonso Cuarno is doing a wonderful and an outstanding job as far as we've seen, and let's hope that the trailer will set off the anticipation for the entire movie in June.
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