December 2nd, 2003

Katherine Pierce.

I *am* looking for trouble

Which Super Heroin Are You?

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Just waiting until the television series premiere during mid-season. Since it's going to be based on the book series, not starting from the beginning, it'll be interesting to see where it leads. It has already premiered for some of other places, and it already looks like a work in progress. The really hardcore fans, or just fans in general, might not like the idea that Gaia Moore is not in high school, like she is in the book, and there's no Loki - so far we know - no Ed, no Heather, no Sam and so on. However, it's not fair to judge.

I'm just hoping that this'll be something worth watching, which I will watch it regardless if the viewers think it lives up to it's expectations or not. From the looks of it, Fearless takes on the Alias type of style, which I agreed fits the scene for a lot of what's happening in the book series. Especially from the latest additions to the book series.

Let's just hope it gets good ratings when it first appears. I am willing to give the show a chance, unlike some people who admittingly assume the show will be a let-down because it doesn't follow the book series. But we'll just see.
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