February 12th, 2004

Katherine Pierce.

Petals on the Wind

Update on Tuesday's episode of Law & Order: SVU - a love story between two families with a twist.

A teenage girl was found dead, suspected was raped and murdered at the crime scene. But there's a problem, the girl was tested positive for carrying a fetius inside of her, and the fetius had 62% of her own DNA; the father of the baby would've be someone related to her. And so the plot thickens.

It was said in the previews that this particular case was rape of incest, so the revealed information wasn't a shocker to those who watch the show. And I knew that it was the brother of the girl that was unknown to either family. They were going out - forbidden from both of their parents to do so, for money and wealth and jealousy reasons among other things - and the two were madly in love. But they did not know that....

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The plot thickens even more. The girl's death was an accident, but it was caused by the extreme shock from the secret that the father was trying to explain. The mother of the girl (not the mother of the brother) had murdered the father of the two, and there is own killer.

Interesting storyline and plot, very much like a V.C. Andrews novel, which is the reason why I liked the episode and taped it for safe keeping. Actually, I only wanted to see the whole incest storyline, because when the preview from last week came on for this episode, I was literally glowing. Am I a sick, sadistic, twisted and demented child for wanting to see some incest?

But I do remember a CSI epsiode where the brother and sister knew consciously that they were related, pretended to be married, and lived in luxury after killing the woman living in the mansion, and had sex. Literally, it was shown in the episode. Incest caught on tape, and all I was thinking during this was, 'Catherine and Christopher Dollanganger? Back in Foxworth Hall?'

Tru Calling is going to be on soon, and I swear that I see the sexual tension between Tru and Harrison (brother and sister also). Hey, after reading and rereading Flowers in the Attic and every other V.C. Andrews novel out there, I have a knack to have this sort of complications within the family tree or affairs.
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