February 23rd, 2004

Katherine Pierce.

It's Smile Time!

Recently after discovering the WB’s announcement that they are canceling Angel after this season, I’ve been incredibly infuriated with them greatly. Although, that is no surprise there because the WB has been going downhill with a lot of things lately. And the worst thing about it is that they don’t give any reasonable conclusions to why they are canceling the show, or any explanation at all. All they’ve said was that the show has had lower ratings since its fifth season began, and they have no more time slots for other premiers of other shows they might put up this upcoming fall. Bullshit.

Although I am not at all surprised they want to cancel Angel; they cancelled Buffy, or tried to, when it reached its fifth season until UPN picked it up for two more seasons. I am not sure if that’ll happen with Angel or not, but I strongly dislike WB now and not just for that, but also for other things they’ve done in the past. However, Angel has been getting the same amount of viewers since the previous seasons if not more, from what I can tell, because since Buffy went off the air after its seventh and final season all the Buffy fans have averted back to our favorite vampire with a soul.

Now I am doing whatever possible to keep the show on the air; I am writing to the producers of the show, to the WB themselves and I encourage others who don’t want to lose the show to do the same.

Okay, enough with the ranting – although I believe my argument is relevant in this case.

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This weekend seemed to pass by quickly yet drawl on slowly at the same time. I slept in between noon or 1pm, had a little brunch, check the internet and then go take another nap for about an hour or so. Perhaps this is a result of the amount of sleep, or lack thereof, during the past week. And now this morning I got woken up around 7 in the morning from my sister getting ready to go to her college, and I was beginning to fall right back to sleep when I remembered it wasn't the weekend anymore. This just bummed me out even more. But, fortunately, I don't have to leave until 11:00am anyway (supposed to be around 10:50-10:55, but I calculated about how fast I walk and the pace I walk in to arrive there).

I am going to do two book reports sometime in the next two weeks, each one for our required reading credits that I should pass to get out of my English class to enter something else that I desperately need credits in. I am doing a report on Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews, the book that I am rereading for about the second time around but thought it would be interesting to do a report on something that I need to refreahen my mind with - I know what happens and the plot and all, but details are somewhat hazy. Second book that I am trying to finish reading - switching back and forth between the two - is Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey.

Only 103 days until PoA!! (or to be more specific, 3 months, 1 week and 3 days left)
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