March 10th, 2004

Katherine Pierce.

Contemplate the Muffin!

Things that I will be researching for the next two weeks:

· The ancient Mesopotamia
· Folklore from Ireland
· Hinduism and Buddhism

In these kinds of cases such as studying and researching information either in textbooks or the Internet I know I would’ve never have done them at my former high school, since I was the bad type to never do what I was told to do by the teachers (who treated me like crap anyway). But it wasn’t like I wouldn’t try to find out information on my own, it’s just when they assigned the work it was more like a dreading chore that had severe consequences if you didn’t do it all or if it was incomplete. However that was all in the past, now I have more time on my hands in class to research what I need to find. Perhaps it’s in the change of the learning atmosphere and the fact that the teachers aren’t strictly overbearing in their rules.

The Mesopotamia is something I am learning in World History as well as the teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism. The folklores or Ireland is something I am doing for English class. We have just finished watching The Secret of Ronan Inish, a fantasy-like story that combines reality with folklore. These are the types of things that I am personally intrigued and interested in learning, and I am grateful that I get a chance to learn more than what was being taught at the other school. Finally a place with a lot more detail and information about a subject than a week to learn about it and then change in scene.
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