June 3rd, 2004

Katherine Pierce.


Tonight it has finally arrived. Tonight is the night that I shall be in ultimate glee and happiness. Tonight, at midnight, is the time where the full moon rises and the werewolves and wizards come out to play.

That’s right, folks. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban will be opening tonight, and I’ve been psyched about it all this time; I’ve been counting down the days and it’s here, at long last. Seems like it was only yesterday that I was counting down from months now it’s only a few hours away – all that waiting has paid off. I am so stoked man, I don’t think I’ll survive just anticipating the movie minute by minute.

I will, indeed, dress up for this major event, however I will not be going as a favorite character from the series. Nope, I am doing something completely different. I am going to the opening as a hippie (courtesy of the new Dumbledore, as everyone says that he looks like a hippie in the third film), and I have a full ensemble for that. My friend, who I will meet there a few hours before midnight, will be going as Charlie Weasley in the 80’s and her sister will be a Dementor in a midlife crisis (in a black hooded cape and wearing a diamond tiara and a pink feathery boa). So it’s going to be a wicked awesome time. I’m bringing a protest sign as well and we’re going to be having a small slumber party when we sit on the floor waiting in line. I’m making sure that we all have something to do for the remainder of the time waiting. The checklist: music devices, books, money and munchies. That’s about it. I cannot wait for the movie!

Less than 6 hours left.
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