July 2nd, 2004

Katherine Pierce.

...in the cauldron boil and bake...

It is finally here. The book title for the sixth installment of the Harry Potter series will be called, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It has just been confirmed by J.K. Rowling herself on her official website and I had recently heard it on the news. So it is officially the title that we’ve all been dying to hear about since Order of the Phoenix was released. All I can say is: thank goodness.

At first when I heard the previous title before the official one, I was like wha-huh? Harry Potter and the Pillars of Storge doesn’t sound accurate and, to be quite honest, difficult to pronounce. Then after it was revealed that the Pillar of Storge was a hoax title I was relieved, and then came this other title. Again, I was skeptical because of all the rumors of potential titles for the sixth book so I wasn’t completely sure it this was true or not. Once it was officially announced, I can relax. Besides, all the hype surrounding what the title is or isn’t shouldn’t really matter anyhow. It’s the actual story bound within the pages that people should be concerning, not what the sixth book is called. Never judge a book by its cover, or in this case by its title.

Since the title is now out, everyone in the fandom has given their opinions and thoughts to whom the Half Blood Prince might be, because it is neither Harry nor Voldemort (J.K. Rowling has said so on her website.) Some people predict all the half bloods in the books series. Even some believe it might be that Mark Evans kid mentioned only once in Order of the Phoenix, why I have no idea. There is no significance to that 10-year-old boy only that he’s a personal punching bag for Dudley and his gang.

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Here’s a continuation from the Prisoner of Azkaban thing I wrote the other day. It’s basically all the notable things that I have seen after 7 viewings of the film in theaters. The notable moments and the breathtaking moments that make this film excellent beyond words.

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I will be adding on to this list because I will be seeing Prisoner of Azkaban for the 8th time in the recent opening in our nearby IMAX Theater next week. So far I’ve seen the movie 7 times within the two weeks it was released, and I am planning to see it as many times as possible before it goes out of the movie theaters.
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