July 19th, 2004

Katherine Pierce.

So the plot thickens...

It seems that the WB wants an Angel movie, after they had admitted that they had the power to keep the show on the air but were too lazy to do anything about it. Ironic how they figure this out now after they come to the realization that canceling the show would be a lapse in their ratings.

But as that is being decided, the new Buffy animated series looks really good so far, and Joss is currently in production of the Serenity movie that is based on his late series Firefly (that was cancelled by FOX after only 11-episodes – sound familiar?) Can’t wait to see our lovely space cowboys on the big screen.

And it looks like that Sarah Michelle Gellar has a new movie coming out pretty soon called, The Grudge. Looks interesting. Definitely looks something worth watching.

I have been feeling drained and exhausted over the past few days and I haven’t the slightest idea why. Sure, I’ve been going to bed at later hours of the night but I still get the amount of sleep that I need, and yet I still feel worn out and sleepy. Just Saturday night I slept for about an hour and a half after having slept over for almost 12 hours that previous night. It’s bizarre, and perhaps not so. I just may be deprived because I’m not doing anything that active like I normally do over the summer.

But then how would you explain all the dreams I’ve been having lately? Vivid, surreal dreams [or nightmares] have been occurring during the past two and a half weeks and I still cannot get over some of them. Some are peculiar, while others leave me pondering for hours. Not unlike the time I’d dreamt that my head got chopped off and I screamed myself awake.

Mysterious things they are, dreams; mysterious things they are, indeed.
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