September 6th, 2004

Katherine Pierce.

Current Events: Upsetting

Okay. I suppose everyone's heard about what's currently been happening in Russia and in Florida. The current Florida hurricane's something that Mother Nature does naturally, though it's a shame that it has to happen to hundreds of families that have to leave their homes. It's also saddening because I have a relative that lives in the southern part of Florida, right where the hurricane has now hit. So I am slightly wigged about their situation right now.

However, the incident that happened in Russia is not excusable. At all.

It's things like this that not only get me angered and upset, it also saddens me that this is what the world is coming to. It's incidents like this that happen to innocent people that I am reminded why I have lost faith in humanity.

I read what had happened, and I was more than outraged. It makes me quiver with anger and sadness that terrorists can sink so low to include innocent children into this whole mess. I mean, these aren't just random bystanders, these are elementary school children for crying out loud! It was their first day of school, and they were being held hostage with thousands of explosives hanging above them and all over the school. I read an article (which I cannot remember the link to), where a woman was told to choose between her two children, and she and that child could go free and the other was to stay behind. It makes me sick and disgusted that this is the way of the world; I knew that in other countries and nations had their own laws and regulations to uphold, but putting children on the line? That's a huge no-no in my book.

Now many Russians mourn over the death of over 300 people due to that incident, many of them were children. It's a horrible thing that had happened. Here, in America (and in other places, I'm sure), parents worry everyday as their child wanders off to school, afraid that there might be a school shooting or a physical confrontation, or even an abduction, let alone terrorists taking students as hostage. Now riddle me this: would you now want to send you child to a public school, or even a private school? In recent events, dating back to the Columbine incident, it really makes you think about the choices you're making for the safety of your child, doesn't it?

My heart and thoughts go out to the families that have lost a loved one during this incident, especially to the parents of the children that were killed.

This is our world today. It's not a not a nice, kind, accepting, and open-minded world as we all wish it would be. This is not a fairytale world. This is the harsh and cold reality, where once you step outside your front door you enter a war zone.
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