September 18th, 2004

Katherine Pierce.

The Bastard!Network has done it again

Firstly, I want to say farewell to _hdcomic. Thank you for the laughter, the amusement, the cuteness, and the H/D fluffiness. You will be missed. <3

The anticipated Tru Calling season premiere is being put on hold until mid-season. Seems that FOX is slowly trying to kill off the series by having another show in it's timeslot during that time, but that's not the worst of it. FOX has issued only 6 episodes of the second season instead of 13 as it was scheduled to have.

First it was Dark Angel, Firefly, Wonderfalls, and now Tru Calling is on the verge for being cancelled as well. Good quality television that is a refreshment and a breather from all the other crappy stuff that is shown, and people fail to see the potential in them because it's not entertaining or suspenseful enough.

Hopefully it won't result to being cancelled, but this is FOX we're talking about. The ultimate bastards and dinglefairies for ruining something that shined out among the not-so interesting things they show, and then buried in the bottom of the pit because of low ratings or not enough fanbase response. The show, while it started off slow in the beginning, has an interesting plot and geat characters performed by an amazing cast (and now that Mr. Priestly is on the cast, doesn't his performance shine and give the show a whole new meaning for a good-looking, and quite content, antagonist?) If FOX does cancel the show, I am writing a letter to the creators and producers responsible for Tru Calling and I am asking for a movie -- like what Joss did for Serenity, the movie that is created from his series Firefly [coming out in April] that FOX ruthlessly cancelled.

So, any Tru Calling fans out there, dedicate yourselves to keep the show on the air. Even if you think the show didn't do so well, who knows? Perhaps the second season has something more to give us. Hell, we've got Jason Priestly on there now, how could anyone not want to watch this show? Besides for Eliza, obviously. *g*

C'mon, people! I want my Tru/Jack love! The protaganist/antagonist complicated attraction to one another. We can't let the tension go now, can we?
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