September 25th, 2004

Katherine Pierce.

Illness + Nausea = Unhappy Bunny

Stomach cramps are a bitch, especially if I cannot tell if it’s a stomachache or stomach cramps that are forewarning that time of month. They both feel the same to me, which results into being nauseous when seeing or smelling food when I know that I am hungry and taking long naps at obscene hours of the day. Fucking cramps (or aches). I am now in my silent passive aggressive mode while trying to clean up some things that needed to be cleaned up long ago – funny it is when I’m miserable I get more work done than if I were feeling well. I am also getting sick yet again, and I have allergies. Joy, oh joy.

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Also, this new LJ arrangement change is very trippy and weird. Anyone else? Ah well, it's starting to grow on me...slowly, but it'll get on my good side sooner or later, hopefully. Still, freaky stuff.
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