October 31st, 2004

Katherine Pierce.

Ooglie Booglies, Ghoulies, and Voldemort -- oh my!

Happy Halloween

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Tensions are going up for the upcoming election this Tuesday. It's been all over the news and neighbors are placing up their signs up on their front lawn along with their Halloween decorations -- ironic how a Bush/Cheney sign would be right next to a skeleton rising from the ground and tiny ghosts hanging from tree branches above it. But not many Bush supporters celebrate Halloween, at least around my area from their lack of Halloween-esque decorations. It's nice, though, to actually see the smiles on children's faces as they dress up in cute little outfits, with not a care in the world about the election like most of us are.

Only thing about this election is that I am not going to be a poll worker. I realized how much dedication and understanding one has to go through to be able to direct those who want to vote, and it's not something I want to do the entire day. I spent two and a half hours at the training for poll workers and clerks for the election, and I can assure you that it wasn't at all what I excepted it to be. Sure, I suspected that there would be hard work involved, but this year we have a new system lined up, which was very confusing. Even the people who have been a part of the program of poll working for years were confused and puzzled -- they kept asking the same questions over and over, and I still couldn't understand what we had to do.

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Staying at home, dressed up as Inara Serra from Firefly -- well, a registered Companion really. Would go trick or treating, but I'm not entirely motivated. Not exactly an eventful event to go trick or treating anymore around here because of the lack of houses giving out sweets, but it's fun to see what kind of houses in different neighborhoods have the wackiest decorations and lights. But I'll be watching movies and recording the Roseanne Halloween marathon that is on Nick at Nite tonight. So that's enough eventfulness for me right there.

To the rest of you guys out there, have a wonderful and frightening Halloween! Stay safe, take a flashlight while going out, and check your candy before you snack on them. Don't get sick from all them sweets!
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