November 30th, 2004

Katherine Pierce.

Thanksgiving greetings to all

Wishing to all a belated Happy Thanksgiving since I had no Internet or computer access while flying across the country to the Happiest Place On Earth! Which is not Amsterdam, Holland or the United Kindom (though I wish). The travel was nice -- though waking up at an ungodly hour in the morning to get to our flight was horrid, not to mention the massive security we had to go through and the growling of my stomach wasn't helping the situation much, either. So, three hours on one plane before switching flights, and then another three hours to get to our destination. By the end of that my sister, mom and me were all too damn tired to go searching for anything other than our hotel.

Eh, the hotel was okay. Not exactly the best that I would've thought it could've been, but it was decent enough for a well rested night before all that walking we had to do the very next day. Which going to Epcot, it was almost as if we were walking around the world -- literally. That place is the best! I absolutely loved China and Japan out of all of them, and yes even the United Kingdom couldn't trump these two beautiful countries. I pratically wanted everything in their stores -- the Chinese umbrellas, the furry puppets on strings, the outfits and shawls and sandals and antiques. I was in heaven, it was so gorgeous! Unfortunately, we didn't have enough money to buy all that caught my eye, so I picked out a Chinese fan with a wicked looking dragon on it as a soveniour. Wish I could've gotten those umbrellas I was gawking at for the longest time, but hey, another thing to add onto my Christmas list -- and my mom said that we could find a place to buy those online, so I need not to worry about not getting them right away.

Japan was also gorgeous, and we stopped for lunch there. They had the RIGHT kind of Udon in one of their resturants, which in the Japanese food place near our hotel the night before didn't even have the noodles all plump or the broth mixed just right. So this was definitely a goodness for my tummy, and my tummy was satisfied.

But yeah, it was a lot of walking but we survived -- or at least I did, my sister was complaining how she couldn't walk by the end of the day and my mother the same thing.

So for the continuing days we visited our Great Aunt to see if she survived the hurricanes for earlier this year, and on the very last day we went to the MGM Studios, where we went on the Star Tours, Muppet Theater 3D, and my sister saw Mickey Mouse. Early Monday morning -- 4:30am over there, 1:30am over here -- we had to get moving to get back home on time. Arrived safely, now everyone is extremely exhausted from the trip, but everyone is happy to be home once again. I know I definitely am.

But one tinsy little rantage: what the hell is up with Florida commercials? Seriously, they last longer than a show! Plus, Florida local commerical announcers seem to be trying too hard to impress people. Some of the women on the commercials looked too dolled up when advertising for, say, children funding or something along those lines. Sorry to offend those residents of Florida, but commercials over there last way too damn long when I'm watching a simple program. It needs to be stopped, I tell you!

So, yeah. Now I am tired, my sleep schedule is all screwed up, and my head is spinning because I feel as if I'm still on the plane. Not good. Sleep required now. G'night all.
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