December 10th, 2004

Katherine Pierce.

Fandom News: Tru Calling Back?

Remember the whole deal with Tru Calling having it's regular season premiere date this fall, and how FOX ruthlessly said it was delayed until early next year for only 6 episodes and then decided to cancel the show without proper notification? Well, it seems that fans are going to be delighted over this news: Tru Calling is rescheduled to appear sometime in 2005 for all new episodes!

I don't know how legit this information is or if it's actually confirmed by the producers of the show, so for now I'm treating this as a rumor. But a hopeful rumor. FOX has a tendency to give us the run-around and disappoint us in the end, so the website isn't very trustworthy as far as my suspicions go. But I'm still keeping my fingers crossed in hoping this'll be true.

However, I already have ordered the first season of Tru Calling on, and I've pre-ordered Wonderfalls as well. So even if this is just a rumor as I speculate it might be, I'll have these genuine shows that had limited time on air.
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