December 12th, 2004

Katherine Pierce.

Education and the Knowledge that comes with...

Happy Birthday taradiane
Have a loffly birthday, babe. ;D

Finished placing up all the Christmas decorations, which took three days to do. It didn't take as long as I'd thought, considering that there's not much to decorate the entire house with -- luckily we don't decorate outside of the house, which is good enough because almost our entire street is glowing bright at night of everyone else's lights and such. It would've been hell to deal with if we did put out lights, and I'm thankful we never have to either. It's getting colder, which is to be expected, but I'm starting to regret misplacing my gloves. I had them during the summertime, and now they just disappeared! I swear, fate wants me to suffer the freezing mornings, yes it does.

Already signed up for college classes in the spring, now all I got to do is figure out which classes will be avaliable for me to take and at what time they all start at, because with the lack of transportation we unfortunately have I will have to choose wisely -- and going by my sister's schedule so she'll be able to take me, as well. This will help me get graduated indefinitely and it will give me a head start in my college years. Whoo-hoo.

But tomorrow I'll be back in the School of Illiteracy and Immaturity, where I'll be one out of the handful that actually want to earn an education and get on with our lives. Others just don't care -- try explaining the interest in learning new and different things to those that still think that teachers aren't human beings. I'm practically the only mature one there that can actually hold a civil conversation with a teacher while the rest of the students look at me like I'm an overachiever.

My quote to them: "I'm not an overachiever -- I'm actually achieving in life and, unlike some people, I want to be able to succeed and not fall backwards and give up. I love learning about our world instead of being ignorant about it."

Personally, I believe that learning gives you an education, and having an education leads to having knowledge; knowledge equals power, and that power can defeat all the ignorance in the world (if used wisely and for the good).

I'm not an overachiever -- I'm just taking responsibility for moving on with life instead of slacking off like most of the students here do. I'm learning and growing. I've made mistakes in the past but I'm taking those mistakes into consideration and now, from my knowledge of the consequences, I can make absolute sure that those things will never happen again. I guess I'm considered Hermione Granger because of my love and dedication to learning, especially at this moment in time. I'm very determined to graduating as fast as I can -- hopefully before June is my goal.

At any rate, I'm doing a report on the Scott Peterson trial. Oh, what fun should that be! Since it's been on our local news almost every single night, it won't be hard to catch what's been happening thus far.
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