December 29th, 2004

Katherine Pierce.

'Twas a dark and stormy night in this lonely town

Rainstorm's a brewing over here, and has been for the past few days now. Grateful as I am, I think saying that I'm in love with our current weather conditions would be considered an understatement of the day, wouldn't you? Aside from the strong winds and downpour rain, today hasn't been the most rainy of the days so far. The news says that it'll be raining all week and going into next week as well, but you know how reliable those news reporters are. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed, because even though it's freezing outside I still love the rain.

Despite the bitter cold, I'm going to make myself a nice heated meal and watch something interesting; something that'll make me warm inside (no pun intended). I would start a fire in the fireplace, but I doubt that I want to touch those pieces of wood -- that and my sister doesn't trust me with matches or anything pyrotechnical.

...And the lights just flickered, so maybe having some natural light wouldn't be a bad idea. Just hope there won't be a blackout during this time of night. Last time I nearly tripped over things in order to get to the flashlights. Got a not-so-nifty souvenior with that little incident.
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