January 25th, 2005

Katherine Pierce.

The College Life (more or less)

Because of my extremely overwhelming schedule during the past two weeks I've been neglecting some of my freetime activities. Not entirely, mind you, but I've had less laidback time than before, just from adjusting to this new schedule and dealing with real life stuff. Due to schoolwork and housework and lack of much sleep, I've been physically drained and running myself into the ground just to keep up with everything. It's a real drag waking up earlier than the sun does, but I've been surviving; crankiness ensues sometimes, however once chocolate enters my stomach I feel fine.

So, the college life definitely is better than high school. Much, much better. The atmosphere is more structured, maturity is a must when inside the classroom (or studio, depending on where you are located at); everything is just all what I expected it to be....people are actually nice and considerate there! Go figure, huh. Never thought it was possible to say this, but I feel that college is home to me. Diversity yet no animosity, friendly strangers that don't get all huffy when you have a different opinion than they do, and striking intelligent conversations with another isn't considered odd or unusual. Oh, where has this place been all my life? I'm in heaven, I am.

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Overall, the college atmosphere seems pretty nice; though I'm still slightly intimidated by some of the professors -- it's the intellectual minds that frighten and intrigue me, sometimes I fear that I might not fulfill their expectations for a college student. However, I feel that in due time I'll come adjusted and warm up to this place. I do feel like this is the place where I need to be, other than the lesser intelligence that is my high school I am still currently enrolled in. Hoping that graduation won't be so far along now, I am grateful to actually experience a place where educational value is expected and respected by the students, unlike the Intellectually-Challenged school I still participate in, unfortunately.

Knowing that I have plenty of things to say about that place, I'll get off my soapbox now.

In the midst of the trash that's on the television nowadays, it's hard to find something decent that's worthwhile watching (i.e. CSI, Law & Order etc.) And because Buffy and Angel are cancelled, except for reruns, it's hard to find something that'll spark my interest. I hardly watch television anymore -- most of it is all reality shows, and that's all scripted anyway (something I'm also learning in my Mass Media class). However, just recently I've found two new shows that are my new fandoms now.

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Right now I am working on a Firefly fic, generally a River-centric story. Her voice just, I don't know, speaks to me. Of course, I'm doing a Simon/River one along with it -- and I'm also working on a Tru Calling fic as well, but that one is taking longer than expected.

Between my cramped schedule, I still find time to write more of my stories. Sometimes when inspiration hits you, you can't seem to ignore its calling. Funny how that works, eh?
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