March 2nd, 2005

Katherine Pierce.

Tru Calling 2x04 "Last Good Day" Screencaps

Once again has updated for the fourth unaired episode, thanks to the folks in New Zealand who are lucky ducks for actually getting to see the second season. Including screencaps and full-length description and review of the episode, which contains spoilers.

Tru + Cell Phone = OTP

Life and Death, awakened by Rewind-Day with amazing mirror imagery

"No, we weren't doing anything...really!"

Jack, looking devilishly handsome as usual

There's only two episodes left of Tru -- then it will be officially over, which saddens me. Upsetting as it is, I'm still angered at FOX and their decision to axe a beautifully structured series, even if it did move a little slow in the beginning. From the folks in New Zealand and reading the reviews of the unaired episodes, everything was getting even more complex starting from the second season premiere. Shame, it was a good show in my personal opinion.

I've got a midterm in my Film History class on Monday of next week. As much fun I'm having in that subject, studying is definitely the toughest part of passing the exams. The last exam I had was in Mass Media a few weeks ago -- didn't go as well as anticipated. I even studied before going into the class, and it didn't do me much good. I'm trying, though. Just have to find a method that works help me remember the majority of the requirement to know from the study guide. Grragh.
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