March 17th, 2005

Katherine Pierce.

Tru Calling 2x06 "T'was the Night Before Christmas...Again" Screencaps (last episode ever) has once again kept us fans updated, and this time it's with the sixth episode -- the final episode Tru Calling before it was officially cancelled. A descriptive written review of the episode (which do contain spoilers) and screencaps are available. This looked to be a promising season, and I'm deeply saddened that it never was aired elsewhere other than overseas. I curse at FOX and I curse at all the people that claim that Tru Calling was a horrible series. It wasn't, and I stick with my opinion that I believe that it would've gone further if the networks would've given it a chance. Sad to see the series over, I am actually happy that it had gotten this far.

And now, as always, some of my personal favorite screencaps from the final Tru experience:

Our little Tru Davies, looking adorable and cute as ever

Jack Harpor

Tru Davies in a "Shout out my motto!" position

How come this chick oddly resembles Mitsuko from Battle Royale?

Jack and Tru....OTP, definitely

Farewell Tru Calling, love your faithful and dedicated fans. You'll be missed to the point of heartbreak (and anger towards the bastard!network). Tru will continue to save lives and defeat the clock, even if we cannot see it on the television screen. Tru Davies will save the day, always. ♥

In other fandomish news, I have recieved my Wonderfalls DVD, the complete first season! Haven't had a chance to see all the episodes that I didn't see before, but I'll have all weekend to do that. *g*
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