March 20th, 2005

Katherine Pierce.

News: Weather PMS

It seems that our current weather conditions are going through major mood swings. Last night a gigantic thunderstorm rolled out from nowhere and heavy rain and wind came thrashing around. I was terrified that it might've been another tornado scare. The rainstorm kept going on and off throughout the night, and this morning it was pratically pouring outside. Sunshine peeked through and blue skies appeared around noonish, and right as of now it's back to dark doom and gloomish gray clouds hovering above. Also, slight thunder is booming off in the distance. Lightning, too.

Too bad there was no lightning storm like last year -- it was amazing! Bedtime last year, all through the night lightning gave off this incredible show that was unbelievable, that and the thunder boomed so loud that it set off car alarms a few blocks down. That also happened during a firework show last 4th of July, but that's another story.

It's probably going to be storming all week long. Or at least for the first few days of Spring Break. Halleluiah!

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