March 23rd, 2005

Katherine Pierce.

Fandom News: FOX airs final Tru Calling episodes (and a small rant)

According to the Futon Critic, the FOX network plans on airing the final six episodes of Tru Calling. I haven't the faintest idea if this is a reliable resource, but it sounds pretty promising. Finally, Tru fans will be able to see the second season -- only for a limited time, though. Because they only filmed these episodes before it was confirmed that it had been cancelled. Which also brings me great grief to say something about another show I am highly enthralled in at the moment that might be on the same boat.

Point Pleasant.

This is my newest favorite fandom, and it's going downhill fast despite semi-large fanbase it has (or maybe not as large as Firefly had, but close enough for it to get this many episodes on air). Granted, it's not particularly going well in the ratings column, but I really like the series and I was hoping to see it continue. Sure, the scripts and dialogues need improvement, but the storylines and the plot are surprisingly interesting and leaves cliffhangers to what could or might happen next. It's not because I'm looking for a savior for Tru's cancellation, it's because I really do like the series. Bombing the show would ultimately mean that David Boreanaz's new series (which will be aired on FOX, no doubt) will bomb as well. Or any other new show that doesn't follow the pathetic lineup they have of several of their other primetime series.

As a fan of both series, Tru Calling and Point Pleasant, I am going to do everything possible to keep both running strongly in the fandom. Now, since Tru has already been cancelled I can only hope the producers plan on getting the second season released on DVD. For Point Pleasant, however, this is going to be tough. I know for a fact that Marti Noxon wants to keep her beloved series on the air as long as possible, and with the lack of viewers tuning in that is a major problem. As a devoted fan of the series, I am going to write to the FOX executives (never mind the fact that they hardly listen to fanmail asking for a renewal of television shows -- I've tried, as we all did with Tru and look where that had gotten us). I am also going to write to Marti Noxon and the other co-producers to let them know that they do have a dedicated fandom out there, and that we do want the series to continue.

The fact that the animosity between Tru Calling fans and Point Pleasant fans, let alone Jossverse fans, would become such a dramatic war. Fans of TC are upset and raging that PP had replaced them (and, in their words, with "a crappy storyline"); PP fans are angry that TC has taken their spot while the series has already been cancelled, let alone already been aired elsewhere and online for download. Jossverse fans and everyone else in between say that both shows are dead in the water. I've read the comments left on Whedonesque and many of the opinions stand alone.

Well, to each their own right? They have their opinions about the shows, and I have mine. Granted many people would be ranting about the unfairness of networks cancelling many worthwhile series like gutted fish, but I have learned in my Mass Media class that that's how the mainstream networks work their systems.

Point of the matter is, I like my fandoms. Despite the low ratings and extremely poorly written dialogue and character development, you've got to be optimistic. Sure, the series might be cancelled -- and I think Point Pleasant already has been decided that particular fate -- but as long as there's at least a small handful of fans in that fandom, then there might be a spark of hope. Firefly had gotten that spark, because now Joss Whedon has a featured film created from the series coming out later this year. So even though many people will think I have poor taste in shows I will look at them and say, "At least I'm not watching pointless and tactless reality series that's probably all prescripted anyway that leaves the viewer with a lover IQ."

That was a longer post that I had intended I leaving. Anyway, Tru Calling's 2nd season will be airing on FOX starting March 31st.

Edit: I guess there's no point in trying to save Point Pleasant. Marti Noxon had just confirmed that the series has been officially cancelled and will not be airing anything new this week. Tru Calling will take its place thereafter. FOX are fuckheads that have too much liability on their asses. Point Pleasant will still be shown overseas though, just like TC had been. Marti is still hoping that FOX will allow the show to be avaliable on DVD. I'm hoping too.

I realize that basically all I've been talking about is Tru Calling, and that's true (no pun intended). But I shall be posting more about my other newish fandoms soonly -- as soon as I recover from deprived Tru Syndrom. Medium and Point Pleasant episode reviews coming really, really soon. *raises right hand* Promise on Capt'n Tightpants' life.
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Katherine Pierce.

PGSM: Special Act Review

Because of my startling obsession with another newish fandom, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, I have finally watched all 49 Acts, including the Special Act. To which I am going to review right now. Be forewarned, this review contains spoilers and detailed descriptions of the Special Act.

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Stay tuned for more PGSM reviews....