May 4th, 2005

Katherine Pierce.

Speechifying Moments

Shockingly, I'm enjoying Geometry and Trigonometry. I have never been a mathematical genius like River Tam and I have never had that sudden interest with equations and the terminology in Algebraic expressions, but amazingly enough I'm enjoying Geometry class, in which we are tackling the introduction into Trigonometry. Perhaps it's the teaching method the professor is using, or perhaps it's the visual aspect of learning by shapes that's helping my understand and learn easier. Either way, I'm liking the class.

Another hectic schedule appears, and the majority of it is school-related. Glorious, eh? I need everything straightened up and organized so my final credits and grades will be up to par with all the work I've completed. Stressful, yet it needs to be done.

How come I can't stop watching the Serenity trailer? Mainly because it's all shiny and pretty, but so far away! Waiting until September 30th is going to kill me slowly inside. It's almost as bad as the newest GoF pictures and interviews regarding what'll be expected for the November premiere. For both my precious fandoms, Harry Potter and the Jossverse, they're killing the fans with the suspenseful teasing. Jealousy has now consumed me for those that have gone to the prescreening of Serenity just recently, in which I cannot attend even if I attempted to via schoolwork and the obligation I have to finishing up my education (and getting a higher education beyond the standards, as well).

Going to see The Interpreter this weekend due to an American Government assignment, and I know I'm going to have to see The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy to please certain people.
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