May 29th, 2005

Katherine Pierce.

"It's not so bad, being dead like me."

My infactuation with the now-cancelled Showtime series Dead Like Me has taken onto a new level of obsession, which explains my ultimate urges to rent the series every time Hollywood Video is in sight. This was a successful series, filled with plenty of dark comedy and fantasy, with as many dirty jokes and profanity to spread around -- it was on Showtime, so that made it even more entertaining. Also, because I'm analytical, I'm finding parallels between a few of my favorite past shows. One in particular being Wonderfalls.

Both main female lead characters (Jaye Tyler and George Lass) aren't happy with their lives, in fact they're relentless and lethargic about life itself that they aren't making any changes to move forward. They either stay in one spot or take two steps backward, but never forward. Thus, Fate comes into play -- and both Jaye and George try to fight against Fates plan for them. However, there's slight differences between their situations. Jaye is talking to inanimate objects that could either be "God" or some form of deity telling her to perform certain actions that helps her become a better person, in a rather comical way of adjectives. George, on the other hand, dies from a flaming toliet seat from space, ending her miserable life, and is called to become a Grim Reaper in her afterlife and take the souls of people that are destined to die. Neither female character is happy with their occupations of being Destiny's Bitch, but they both learn to deal. And as the seasons go on (or in Wonderfalls case, the only season), both girls learn the value of life, in their own ways of course.

George Lass also reminds me of Jaye's personality, too. Dry sarcasm and unenthusiastic attitude towards life -- in the beginning though. George learns later on the valuable meanings of life in her afterlife, looking over her grieving family and the aftermath of her death and how it's affected them.

She also has some kickass lines, as well.

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See what I mean? And these are just some of the quotes hidden within the series itself, plus that's just the first season. The second season gets much more interesting -- which makes me wonder why it was ever cancelled in the first place. George is very likeable even if some of what she says seems rather blunt and uncaring, but she's the kind of character that doesn't give a shit until death...but even then she still doesn't give a shit about certain situations, not until she learns from her mistakes.

I definitely have to get around into actually buying the entire series, first and second seasons included, because running back and forth to rent each individual DVD from Hollywood Video isn't worth the other goodies on those DVD's. I've also gotten this fascination with Carnivàle, but the first season at BestBuy is nearly over $100! At BestBuy! That is, like, the cheapest store you can get CD's and DVD's. In the words of George Lass, holy shit!

But I'm still trying to catch up on Veronica Mars. So many newish fandoms...luckily summer is going to be my Catching Up On Series That I Haven't Watched time.