July 12th, 2005

Katherine Pierce.

House M.D.: The Doctor Is In (Sort Of)

I've decided to place together several of my favorite House quotes from the episodes I've seen, because I can do that. Plus, House quotages are hilariously amusing and fun! Hugh Laurie snarkage is a must for everyone, regardless if you watch the show or not. Also, it's late and I'm resisting myself to fall asleep on the gorram keyboard.

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Definitely, House is my newest obsession to add to the collection of newish fandoms I have recently encountered. Yes, House is being shown on the Bastard!Network that has a history of canceling good worthwhile series that I enjoy, however House looks like he's staying on their network for quite some time. The snark and arrogance of the main character (being House himself) must be winning the viewers over, or at least something apparently is to be getting a second season. According the research, FOX is technically a "male" channel -- The OC has male lead characters and, by all means, pretty people playing the roles. So, apparently something must be appealing to audiences that House is getting renewed (and hopefully not fallback on the deal, either!)

Veronica Mars, House, and Lost. My three newest fandoms that I have come to fall in love after their seasons ended -- woe for me, because everyone else knows their season finales. But yay because their repeating schedules will not destroying my viewing them!
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