July 29th, 2005

Katherine Pierce.

Fandomosity: Big Damn Movie, Fireflyverse, Jossverse, GoF, VMars

-♠- Thrillin' Heroics: The official Serenity website went through a major and shiny makeover complete with the official poster image. Take a look at the shinyness, even if you're not a fanatic of the Fireflyverse. Our little River Tam has grown up...and handling a gigantic gun that's nearly twice her size. Also....

SHINY NEW SERENITY U.S. TRAILER! Which had made it's first television premiere on the Sci-Fi Channel during the second part of the pilot. My favorte quote from it (which is non-spoilery):
Mal: [over intercom] This is the Captain...we may experience some slight turbulance and then...explode.
Jayne: I don't wanna explode!
-♠- Capt'n Tightpants: Updating; there's a new episode up on The Signal, with special guest appearance interview with Adam Baldwin, a "How To Host A Shindig" guide, and the audio of the European Serenity trailer. Along with much more extra goodness.

-♠- Devil's Daughter: Point Pleasant The Complete Series finally has a DVD coverart, as viewed from the linkage (which is incredible and definitely sellible, despite it's cancellation), and it shall be hitting stores on October 25th. Marti Noxon finally fought her way to get the series which wasn't completed on FOX, straight to DVD. Hopefully there'll be extras, including commentary and interviews with the cast and creator.

-♠- GoF: Newish picture has been released, featuring Harry, Hermione, and Ron sitting near the fireplace in their pajama's, looking woobified and pensive. Ah, the teenage angst has arrived at last.

-♠- Teenage P.I.: Now, everyone that's been obsessing over UPN's newest teen-drama can pre-order Veronica Mars Season One on DVD at Amazon.com, which will arrive shortly after its second season has premiered this fall. From the reviews its recieving, everyone has fallen in love with this show. Though it's not surprising, because Veronica Mars is fan-freaking-tastic, and there's no question about that. Also a reminder that Veronica Mars is going to be shown on the CBS network as well, which I believe just started. This doesn't mean VMars is being moved to CBS, for it's still properly owned by UPN, this is just a tactic for the series to earn more ratings over the summer reruns. Advising everyone to look at your local listings and see when it's being aired.

-♠- S.O.S.: Firefly Soundtrack. Everyone that's a Browncoat wants one, yes? There's a way to politely ask the fellas down at FOX to give permission for a Firefly television soundtrack, since they're probably kicking themselves for letting such a successful franchise go. Do your part, Browncoats, help the Fireflyverse grow stronger as well as get the shiny music that we all love and adore from the series.

I shall be watching the Serenity trailer repeatedly, since it's such a gorram shiny trailer. Oh yes, indeed it is.