August 24th, 2005

Katherine Pierce.

Fandom: River Tam, Adorable Pre-Crazy Days

Initially, there is another newish clip from the Viral Marketing that is promoting Serenity, or perhaps the entire Fireflyverse as a whole. Whoever or whatever unknown source is releasing these amazing clips (which is probably either Mutant Enemy, Joss Whedon, or Universal), you've got my ultimate praise. This gives not only the our beloved universe more recognition but it's erupting more of the morbid and creepifying questions that revolves around this world.

This is the first addition to the previous River clip, before she enters the Alliance academy. Our lovely Summer Glau plays younger River Tam, who is approximately fourteen at this time, who is being interviewed by one of the Alliance men. She's so adorable in this! Yet it's...heartbreaking. Take a look for yourselves and see:

R. Tam - Session 1 - Excerpt
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You'd never guess who's interviewing our adorable little psychic genius in this clip....absolute genius, this entire setup is. Cute, sad, intimidating, yet adorable and accurate to the timeline of the 'verse.