September 18th, 2005

Katherine Pierce.

The Emmys Recap

Kristen Bell's rendition of "Fame" was wickedly stellar, despite that it was a short snippet. Still, loved it. She was slightly lip-syncing, but it's understandable because with that kind of choreography she'd be out of breath within seconds. But there's no doubt that she has a wonderfully harmonious voice!

Hugh Laurie and Zach Braff presenting together, with Hugh using his British accent and Zach hilariously imitating a British accent. Priceless.

Megan Mullally singing with Donald Trump while playing in character of Karen Walker, another priceless moment.

Ellen DeGeneres!

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Though I only watched snippets of the Emmys this evening, and had gotten more information online, I am happy for those that did win an Emmy. Questioning the polls and votes on some, but as said before I'm not going to lash out over something insignificant like an awards ceremony like this. Congratulations to those that won, and better luck next time to those that didn't.
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