October 2nd, 2005

Daenerys. Khaleesi.

Serenity: Thoughts and Observations

Having much pondering and contemplating time since seeing Serenity, I have gathered up my thoughts and observations of selected scenes that I found interesting or that needed to be addressed (for my personal theorizing and whatnot, meaning that some questions concerning the things that are discussed will be rhetorical).

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Katherine Pierce.

Weekend Recap

Yesterday (Saturday, Oct. 1st) -- Slept in, naturally. From all the adrenaline of excitement from seeing Serenity it pretty much wore me out. Otherwise, I just lounged around the house -- watching the Law and Order: Criminal Intent marathon that was on. Laidback day it was, Saturday. Unlike today....

(Sunday, Oct. 2nd) -- I had arrangements with my father to go to the an art museum for an assessment given to me by my art professor (seeing that I missed the art field trip courtesy of the history midterm). This was yet another father-daughter quality time moment, and unlike my sister I was entranced at all the amazing artwork and photographs that were in this museum. Moreover, the museum was actually inside this mansion which, in itself, was impressive. I loved the ballroom and the library! The art was fantastic, too. Lots of historical pieces and imaginative artwork. There was this section where it was all medical-like photographs (which in the beginning the sign read: most pieces contain disturbing images that may not be suitable for small children or sensitive viewers) -- and I was completely in awe with everything I saw. The photographs included distorted images of medical patients, skeletons of baby fetus' and sliced-in-half faces. The entire time I was thinking to myself, so this is what House might be doing in his spare time, huh? Overall, it was very fun and entertaining. Then I watched the all-day Poirot marathon. Yay.

Tomorrow....(Monday, Oct. 3rd) -- Theatre class. Hopefully it won't be cancelled, like last Monday. Then I'll be sitting in the cafeteria/cafe area or the library for two hours from doing nothing.

On a final note: Serenity is out now, GO GORRAM WATCH IT!