October 16th, 2005

Katherine Pierce.

Randomosity: Halloween Meme

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Earlier this evening my cousins caught a little mouse in the kitchen in a mouse trap. Not those old-fashioned mousetraps where the metal piece snaps and kill them immediately, but those sticky traps with pieces of food droplets. The little mouse was trapped and squeaking, trying to escape the clutches that held it down in the sticky glue substance. Honestly, I felt horrible for the little thing. While it might've been carrying some kind of disease or other health-hazardous things, it looked too cute and helpless being trapped. I couldn't help feeling sympathetic for the poor thing.

Our neighborhood isn't any better, though. We've got gigantic rats running across the pipes along the houses and hiding underneath cars. Luckily, there's plenty of cats roaming around at night. It's happy hunting time for them!
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