November 2nd, 2005

Katherine Pierce.

Fandomosity: Jossverse (BDM, BtVS), Potterisms (GOF)

-♠- All Slayin' All The Time: Buffy is voted the third greatest Fantasy Hero of all time, The Terminstor was named second and Harry Potter takes first place in the greatest fantasy hero of all time (which isn't a surprise, of course). Though Buffy being part of the voting is pretty incredible.

-♠- "Is River Gonna Hafta Cut A Bitch?": Universal has set out the official date for the Serenity DVD release (December 20th) as well as a preview for the coverart of the DVD and the menus. In my personal opinion, the coverart is too crammed with images (some of which aren't Serenity related), the coloring is a bit off and it just seems too.....blah crowded with spoilers. But that's my personal views; it's isn't horrible per se, just not how I imagined the Serenity DVD to look like. I think there should be minimal images to give that mysterious-look yet still have that "ooh, shiny!" reaction (having one of the international posters, for example, would be perfect). Over a WHEDONesque there was an explosion of comments on the coverart, which provoked the petition to have the coverart changed. Whether you like it or dislike it, it doesn't matter anyway because --- OMG, Big Damn Movie is coming out on Big Damn DVD!!

-♠- Serenity, Now!: In addition to that, you can pre-order your copy of Serenity off of Amazon now. Go, go, go! Pre-order several you know you want to if you can!

-♠- Recruiting Browncoats: Pastor James of Mars Hill Church talks and praises Serenity on his podcast, to which is a very interesting review of the film (and he talks some about Buffy and Angel, along with a timeline of Joss Whedon's career). Overall he loves the movie, but has a major problem with the lack of faith presented in the film (according to him, that is), and discusses the differences between the loss of spirituality (Mal) and the gaining of selfish faith (the Operative), and the loss of morality (the entire tale as a whole) and the gaining of faith in whatever you need, without knowing the absolute truth. I have differing opinions to counter his opinions, but that's just my reaction. Joss created a very complex world, and I'm glad there's different views on all sides.

-♠- Gorrammtastic: An article, Serenity Visual Production And Post In Depth, gives the technical-talk and lowdown on how to make Serenity the visual beauty it was on the Big Screen --- including the adding in and tweaking of effects and so forth.

-♠- Rockin' The House at Hogwarts: Professor Filius Flitwick rides in the crowd wave. I kid you not, my friends. An interview broadcast on BBC4 this evening there was a segment featuring the Yule Ball of Goblet of Fire where Professor Flitwick rides on the wave of people in the crowd while the Weird Sisters (featuring Jarvis Cocker) play their tunes. And yes, there are screencaps. Amazingly frightening, yet looks like an almighty fine shindig to me!
Daenerys. Khaleesi.

VMars: Speculations and Thoughts

Procrastination, procrastination, procrastination --- will it never end? Of course not, and why? Because I have a knack for putting things off to the last minute which sends me into a mental breakdown later on, where ripping out hair and screaming like banshee ensue. It just gets the adrenaline pumping!

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